SEO Services in Los Angeles: Will Dark Mode Boost Ranking

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Our SEO services in Los Angeles have been helping businesses to boost their sites’ ranking. And one of the things that they want to consider is a dark mode. But will it help in the ranking? 

The dark mode is increasing in popularity. Even John Mueller is a fan of this trend. There are no issues with it. CSS handles it. How it is implemented will not affect how search engine bots crawl content for indexing. 

Hire Our SEO Services in Los Angeles to Boost Ranking 

Currently, Google does not consider dark mode as a ranking factor. But it could, one day, be one of the factors that Google may consider. 

Thus, implementing it may help entice more visitors. But it is not yet a ranking factor. 

Instead of focusing on giving your site a dark mode, why not focus on what matters most. 

Domain Security 

It is a ranking factor that tells Google the security of the website. HTTPS is now an important factor that informs Google that it is safe to index the site. 

seo services los angeles

Inbound Links

They can make a huge difference in where your site ranks. These links can tell Google that people trust your site so much that it links to your site. Google considers trust as a huge factor. The more trustworthy the source links to your site, the better it is on your ranking. 

Because of their effects, link building has been a vital process to boost ranking. 


Topics are very important to your ranking. They can establish the foundation for your authority to rank highly. The more content you provide on a certain topic, the higher the chances of your site to rank higher based on that topic. 


It is vital to serving your visitors with the details that they are searching for. Having a good content structure will include headers. They make your information easier to digest and understand. 

Keep in mind that if your visitors find your posts enjoyable, they are likely to stay on your site. And the longer they stay, the better it is for your site’s ranking. Session duration is now a part of Google’s ranking factor. 

Page Speed

How fast your page loads can make or break your site’s ranking. The faster your site is, the higher it can rank on search. 

You must aim for your page to load in less than three-seconds. But it varies based on the website’s purpose. If you have an eCommerce site, make sure that it loads faster. It has to load in less than two-seconds. 

Optimization Strategies 

Here at Websites Depot, we implement only those optimization strategies that truly work. Our SEO services will influence your site’s position. 

The strategies we apply will ensure that your site will be more visible to your visitors. It is vital because users visit web pages with high page rankings. 

With our SEO services in Los Angeles, your site’s traffic will increase and improve your sales. Call us today to know more about how our agency can help your site’s ranking and visibility: (888) 477-9540.