SEO Services: Imperative Tool to Exist on Today’s Digital Reality

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You need SEO services, there is no question about it, but why? Easy, to be able to stay up to date with each and every actualization that google implements in its algorithm which changes what it prefers, what will rank higher and what is deemed as spam, among many other features.

Of course you can research and stay studious of every shift that every search engine may go through and apply their every guideline, but sometimes running your own company, or trying to grow your business, will leave little to no time for the amount of work that keeping one updated requires.

Cost- Benefit Ratio

You may be considering the cost benefit ratio of hiring externally for SEO services, but you have to make sure you are being honest with yourself and not underestimating the amount of work and time you will need to put in to be able to research, grasp and apply all that you have read about the inner workings of SEO to that extent.

Hiring a digital marketing agency will be most suitable for your situation if you are struggling to grow your business or even stay afloat, even though spending money on extra services might seem counterintuitive, you will need extra guidance and wisdom to navigate this complex time.

Why You Need SEO Services if You Operate in the Digital Landscape

SEO services are imperative if you attract an important percentage of your clientele through the web. Knowing the rules of SEO is what allows you to beat the game, sort of speak. You can’t play blindsided, or without understanding what the game is about. You need to apply the correct rules to be able to play the game and win, or at least, grow. This is what SEO services can provide you with.

The Technical Workings of SEO Services

Working with a Digital Marketing Agency will help you solve the technical intricacy of the mechanisms that support your brand to rank higher and show up first on the search engine pages which will impact your visibility to new customers which will directly impact on your revenue.

Make sure to work with a digital marketing agency that truly understands the rules of this game, like one that is actually a google partner, as Website Depot is. Make sure to explore the site to get to know more about what SEO services really entail. It is not the same as an On-Page SEO than an Off-Page SEO, for example, as each will focus on two distinctive aspects of SEO.

On-page SEO takes care of the optimization of your website. Title tags, meta descriptions, internal linking and more, are analyzed and fixed to suit the way search engines understand content.  On the other hand, Off-page SEO involves increasing the authority of your website by the correct use of backlinks.

Google Updates

Google regularly makes adjustments to its search algorithm to improve user experience and relevance of search results. As Google updates its algorithm, everything can change in how a page is read, ranked and categorized. These changes are constant but some are notified officially as they cause a severe impact on all websites , radically changing the ranking, and consequently, the conversion, revenue and more, for all businesses.

Some major Google algorithm updates that have occurred in the past include:

Panda: Introduced in 2011, Panda aimed to penalize low-quality or thin content websites and reward high-quality, relevant content.

Penguin: Launched in 2012, Penguin targeted websites that engaged in manipulative link-building practices, such as buying links or participating in link schemes.

Hummingbird: Released in 2013, Hummingbird focused on improving the understanding of search queries and providing more relevant results by considering the context and intent behind the user’s search.

Mobilegeddon: Rolled out in 2015, Mobilegeddon aimed to boost the rankings of mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results, encouraging website owners to prioritize mobile optimization.

RankBrain: Introduced in 2015, RankBrain is a machine learning component of the algorithm that helps Google understand the meaning behind complex search queries and provides more relevant results.

Fred: Although not officially confirmed by Google, there were reports of a significant update referred to as “Fred” in 2017. This update seemed to target low-quality content and websites with aggressive monetization.

SEO services

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As you can see, there is an actual technical side to ranking high on any search engine, so working with a digital marketing agency such as Website Depot is truly the right move. Make sure you explore all the SEO services available on this site for you and your business.