SEO Services for Contractors: What You Need to Know

SEO Services for Contractors

Digital marketing is fundamental for every business no matter the industry or niche. Even for those that are “an army of one”. SEO Services for contractors is on the rise. Especially since mobile became the most favorite way for people to hire a service or buy products. Mobile technology basically implemented the now-common “near me” searches. Whether it is people in their homes or on the go, they demand relevant information from service providers that are closer to them. They rely on search engines to know about the best places to eat or the most adequate person to call for an emergency.

A studio by Google in 2017 revealed that around 33% of mobile searches on such platforms intend to find local businesses or service providers. Contractors are equally affected by this trend. In fact, they are the main beneficiaries of it. But they need to act quickly and in a clever way. Experts believe the importance of local search will keep on growing in the years to come. So contractors need to push their SEO to the best and escalate in local rankings. 

SEO Services for Contractors

Main Factors about SEO Services for Contractors

Putting yourself in the Map

In the first paragraph of this article, we highlighted the increasing popularity (and thus, importance) of local searches like “near me” and “nearby”. We also mentioned the whole idea behind these queries. Users want to find a local business that is geographically close to them in order to satisfy a specific need.So one of the first conclusions we can come up with from this idea is that a contractor needs to focus on the area they intend to provide their services on. “Near me” is definitively a useful keyword but if your range of action is Los Angeles or Orange County, you also need to focus your SEO efforts on those keywords. Geolocation can filter your results for users that are far from you but being more specific about certain queries is always good advice.Efficient local SEO services for contractors can put you right in front of people searching in your area. Good ranking helps those users find you. Which necessarily turns into more calls, more work, and more money for you. In fact, local SEM is quite easy when it comes to contractors: Your business is tied to a particular location or coverage area. Using an SEO that is too vague or abstract can make your website appear in a query someone did hundreds or thousands of miles away from you. What’s the point of that? Local search reduces this risk. In fact, it puts your business right where it’s needed.

Drive Results and Increase your Revenue

When properly implemented, local search has a very powerful effect: the necessarily drive results. Many contractors doubt the effectiveness of SEO when it comes to competing with more built-in businesses or bigger corporations. The truth is when people find you through a local search, they’re actually more likely to call a contractor like you. Around 70% of mobile users hit the click-to-call on Google listings. So make sure yours has it! Also among all the people performing local searches, approximately 60% either call or take a visit to a business website. If you have an office or any other location where they can visit you, you will also receive walk-ins. Make sure your address, business hours, photos, and any other detail on your listing are up to date. You need to do so for two important reasons:

  • You will be providing an excellent user experience from the very beginning, as you’d be making it easier for people to find you and hire your services.
  • Google will find out that you are providing a satisfactory user experience; hence your rankings increase, and so do your exposure and calls.

So yes, local SEO for contractors is a great way to generate leads. Still, as you probably know, leads don’t necessarily turn into sales. Amongst all the people contacting your business, maybe some of them will actually hire your service or buy your product. However, it’s still worth the effort. Approximately 1/4 of people who contact a business actually convert. If you think about it, this makes sense. They are doing a search for a reason; especially if the query is about service: they need it. And it’s very likely they need it soon (or even now!). So investing in your SEO and boosting your local rank will necessarily lead you and your business to them.

SEO Service Inc is Here to Help

Local SEO services for contractors and small businesses are one of our specialties. We have more than 10 years serving all sorts of service providers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our team consists of Google Premier experts and elite coders who can find the right strategy to make your business grow.