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At SEO Expert Danny, you’ll enjoy SEO services by true SEO professionals. We’ll not only weave your website design but we’ll also optimize it for search engine. In that way, you’ll have a beautiful website design and strategies that you need to finally achieve your business goals.

Our team will work with you every step of the way to better understand your business’ needs. From there, we can custom-tailor your strategies to maximize return on your investment. Our marketing team will build your site and provide support as you launch and grow your business.

SEO Strategies

SEO Services

Our methods of optimizing your site for search engine will be thoroughly discussed with you. We’ll explain every strategy that we’re going to use to drive up your site’s ranking. The strategies are customized for your site.

Once we know about your business and your goals, we’ll provide you with an estimate of how long before you can achieve your goals. But we can only make an estimate after we’ve made a thorough review of your site as we still need to weed out problems that could have been the reasons your site ranking low.

We’ll also provide you with an on-page optimization to make your site as friendly to the search engine as possible. In addition to developing web headings and tags, we’ll also improve your site’s URL and your site’s linking structure.

But we don’t just focus on on-page optimization. We also provide off-page strategies to improve awareness of the content of your site on other websites.

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Adhering to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

We strictly abide to the webmaster best practices provided by Google. That is, we don’t generate spammy content and add hidden links. We’re SEO professionals and we’re fully aware of what these spammy behaviors can do to any website.

We also follow the best practices provided by Bing and Yahoo.


Our team of SEO professionals at SEO Expert Danny will help your site land at the top local search engine result. We have a team of experts in local SEO. When your site is optimized for local searches, your site will appear each time someone nearby make a search for a certain keyword, which is relevant to your business.

All changes we’ve made to your site we’ll be shared with you. This is essential so you know the adjustments we’ve made to your web pages.

And when your contract with us expires, you’ll have full ownership of all optimized web content that we’ve provided.

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