SEO Services by Professional: Is Your SEO Agency Doing Its Job?

SEO Services by Professional Is Your SEO Agency Doing Its Job

Many small businesses are putting their money into SEO services by a professional. Unfortunately, not all services are good. If you don’t choose them correctly, they can destroy your reputation through black hat techniques. 

Signs the SEO Services by a Professional are Performing Well

Show SEO Practices

This is vital so that you can determine whether or not they’re using white hat techniques. The agency must show you the following things: 

  • SEO audit of your site
  • Link profile analysis
  • Optimized content 

These aren’t the only ones that they can show you. You can ask for more proof. 

Ask for Your Help 

The agency would ask for your admin access to your CMS, Google Analytics, and Webmaster Tools. It will also access your social accounts and if you have a list of keywords you wish to target, the agency will ask for it. If the company doesn’t ask you for anything, likely, it’s just adding links from their spammy sites. As a result, it’s going to put your website in a dangerous situation. 

Talk to You About Improvements

Black hat SEO companies are using their network of spammy websites. These are low efforts that may yield high results. But only for the short term. Reputable companies will ask you to do certain things. When you hire an SEO agency, you’re forming a partnership with them. They’ll provide you with recommendations on what they can do to your site’s ranking. 

Share Techniques 

The agency must be able to share the techniques they’re using on how to boost your site’s traffic and rankings. However, if it can’t share anything because it’s not permitted to disclose its practices, then it’s just a scam artist. If the agency is doing the right thing, it could explain to you what it’s doing to help your website.SEO Services by Professional

Receive a Manual Penalty

This is a sure sign your SEO agency is not doing its job properly. You hired an agency to help you boost your site’s traffic and conversions and not get a penalty. If you receive it two months after working with the agency, then it’s a sure sign you have to fire the company. 

Low Rankings and Traffic 

When your site receives low rankings, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s your agency’s fault. But you must keep an eye on your rankings. If the rankings are steadily declining, then the agency is performing actions that have been causing your site’s low rankings. Then, if your traffic goes down constantly for months, you should be suspicious. Talk to the SEO professional to find out what it’s doing to get low rankings and traffic. If you are working with a reputable company, your business will succeed. It’s especially true if it’s offering the right SEO services. If you are concerned about the success of your small business, take the time to evaluate our SEO services by a professional. Call us here to know more: +1 (213) 322-0770.