SEO Service for Insurance Niche: How SEO Can Help?

SEO service

There’s stiff competition in the insurance market. You may include the right quote or quote comparison tools. But Google will still bury your site on the third or fourth page of SERP. If you don’t want that to happen, then make sure that you use an SEO service so your website will have a strong online presence.

SEO Service Giving an Edge Over Your Competitors

The war for traffic is intense in the insurance market. But if you work with an SEO service, you can easily outperform your competitors.

A search engine optimization service can help you rank on top of Google search and outrank your competition.

Can You Just Do SEO on Your Own?

Yes, you can craft your SEO strategy on your own without using a service.

To prepare for your strategy, you must conduct thorough keyword research. You may use Google Keyword Planner. It’s a free tool.

But the results in this planner won’t tell you everything. Indeed, this free tool can give you keyword difficulty and monthly searches. But it won’t give you any clue about your competition.

You can search the keyword phrase using to know what sites are ranking on the first page for that particular keyword.

From there, you can analyze the results and find out how you can compete against them.

After keyword research, it’s time to write content related to the keyword phrase you wish to target. In today’s competition, it isn’t enough to have a 400-word article.

Those websites that rank first on Google and other search engines for a particular keyword offer long-form content. It means that the articles they publish are more than 1,000 words.

Yes, Google wants in-depth information for its users. Of course, you can still write less than 200 words if it satisfies the users. However, in most cases, short-form content won’t.

When you are done writing your content, publish it on your site.

What happens next?

You’ll wait for that content to rank on the search engine. To ensure that Google will rank it higher than your competition, you need to reach out to other people.

By reaching out, it means that you ask them to link to your article.

This is where link building comes in.

It’s the most challenging part of SEO. And many site owners fail to succeed because they don’t have time to build links.

Reaching out to site owners to link to your site can take a lot of time and rejection.

That’s why many successful owners are outsourcing their SEO strategy to an SEO agency because of the challenges associated with writing long-form content and building links.

Keep in mind that site owners don’t want to link to your site if your content offers no value.

And even if your content offers value, they still won’t link to your content because you don’t have authority.

SEO doesn’t have to be the reason you can’t compete. If you leave this part to an SEO service, you can focus on what matters most to your business.