SEO Scams You Must Know

SEO Scams You Must Know

Not all SEO services are created equal. There’s only a few of them that can provide real, long-term positive results. If you are not careful, you will end up hiring an SEO agency that offers dishonest SEO services. The company will not deliver promised results, and it will also implement SEO scams that can hurt your overall site’s ranking.

What are these SEO scams that you must steer clear of?

Guaranteed High Ratings

Some SEO companies do offer guaranteed rankings. But this is a scam. No company can guarantee that your site will have better rankings. However, a reliable SEO expert can improve your page’s ranking based on a particular keyword. But the expert can never make your site rank number 1 on all keywords you are targeting.

Even if you have a page one ranking for a particular keyword, it is not a guarantee that the traffic will convert. What your site needs is traffic that converts.

Submission to thousands of search engines

There are no thousands of search engines. The most important search engines you should focus on are Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

If an SEO expert tells you that your site’s link will be submitted to thousands of search engines, it is not true. It is spam that will only flood your site with spam visitors.

Hundreds of links

Link building is an essential SEO strategy. But you need quality links. Even if you have 100 links from various websites, they can never boost your site’s traffic and rank. That’s because Google wants to rank sites with quality links. It means they are related to your site.

Friends of Google

Some SEO providers claim that they can crack Google’s algorithm. It is a scam. Cracking the algorithm is next to impossible. It is too complex. Plus, it is updated several times a week.

Since SEO is essential in boosting quality traffic to your site, you need the help of an expert. But you should only hire someone after conducting a thorough research. Go to Google and search for SEO experts. From there, you will find several experts near you.

SEO Scams You Must Know

Don’t just pick anyone. Pick those with excellent reviews.


SEO scams are here to stay because there are still people who fall for them. But we all know how harmful they are to websites. If you wish to hire an SEO expert to manage your site, choose someone with excellent ratings and a person who won’t promise you the sun and the moon. Rather, the expert will guarantee that you will achieve your business goals through the help of SEO.