SEO rules for 2015

seo rules

SEO is and remains to be the blood of websites. It is the most effective way of driving traffic to a website. Over the years, there have been rules and regulations that guide the working of SEO. These rules have changed severally causing dramatic changes and disrupting the status quo tremendously. It is important that as a business owner or a SEO expert you stay ahead of the game and this requires being aware of the most current rules and playing by them. As the year 2014 winds up and 2015 sets in, what are the rules that you need to check out in SEO?

One of the major concerns of Google has been to ensure that the right and appropriate content is published for users. This requirement is normally challenged by the need to write for search engines which for website owners and publishers, is what makes business sense. Based on this, it is expected that one of the SEO rules for 2015 will be how to write for audience and still incorporate the language of search engines. Because of the two extremes stated above, it is expected that in 2015, SEO rules will seek to ensure that there is a perfect balance. This rule will be for the benefit of website owners and online publishers.


The other rule that will characterize SEO in 2015 is the fact that everyone will have to abide by the changes made by Google. Google is the industry standards and the changes it makes reverberations through the entire industry. It is therefore inarguable that every SEO expert will have no option but to abide by these rules and make a fair play. One of the outstanding benefits of Google changes is the fact that they are not bound by the status quo. Over time, their changes, which are in the form of panda and penguin updates have caused dramatic changes and disrupted the status quo a great deal. For any SEO campaign to be relevant, it has to be within the confines of Google rules.

Third, links have been proven to be one of the major elements for boosting ranking and because everyone seeks to rank well in search engines, they opt for link building. However, the same has seen numerous scams and negative SEO strategies due to its importance in rankling. In return, Google has always released rules on how to build authentic links and algorithm to search and take down websites with negative or simply unnatural links. That said, it is predicted that one of the rules of 2015 will be building better quality links to boost ranking. These include social signals especially from social media platforms and links from high value websites.

Fourth, it is obvious that the need to have content that is well optimized for search cannot go unmentioned. Whether it is images or text, these will need to be effectively optimized and this is the fourth rule for SEO in 2015.

It is vital that as a website owner or a SEO expert you get to acquaint yourself with the relevant SEO rules for 2015 for the purpose of staying relevant in the industry.