SEO Professional on Search Engine Optimization Trends in 2020

SEO professional

Online competition continues to rise. New sites launch every minute. With that in mind, you need to figure out how to boost your content marketing strategy. Our SEO professional, Danny Star, is here to give you some of the trends in 2020 that might be useful. 

SEO Professional on SEO Trends 

Artificial Intelligence 

It is a vital technology that exists today. Google and other companies are using AI to boost the results of user searches. It has been useful in the unique searches that arise each day. AI can determine whether the published articles are valuable or not. From there, AI categorizes web pages and determines rankings with accuracy. SEO Professional

Voice Searches 

Before smartphones, people utilize words that they put into the search engine boxes when looking for answers. It gave rise to keywords. Now, if you wish to generate more organic traffic, you need to optimize your site for voice search. Optimizing your site for voice search will help you generate more organic traffic if you know how to implement conversational searches. Voice search is becoming a popular trend. Thanks to the increasing popularity of mobile devices. Voice search affects SEO as it asks questions through voice, rather than search queries. The terms are more targeted. Search engines perform a lot of work to find relevant information that the user looks for using voice search. With this in mind, short keywords are no longer necessary. In 2020, we anticipate that half of the Internet searches will be through voice. Thus, your content must adapt to this trend to help your site stand out in the search engine. 

Video Search 

Apart from voice search, videos are now popular. Most individuals would want to watch videos online than watch them through television. It is no wonder that most people are using YouTube as their new television. Furthermore, many Internet users now prefer to obtain information through online videos. For that reason, it is ideal that you implement an online video on your post. If you wish to apply video in your digital marketing tactic, ask your SEO professional. Having a quality video can entice users. But make sure that it is not so boring to put your viewers to sleep. Furthermore, your videos must be fully optimized for search users. When uploading them, ensure that you add appropriate keywords and headlines in the description. They can guarantee it will reach a large number of individuals. 

Mobile User Experience 

If you do not have a mobile version, you may lose many of your potential customers or clients in the coming years. The interface of your site for mobile must be easy to understand. It must also catch people’s attention. Furthermore, it has to answer questions or keep the audience entertained. More and more people are conducting their local search using their mobile devices through their favorite search engine. Thus, it is important to have a mobile version of your site to help you reach more audience. To know more about trends in 2020 and how to implement them, consult with our SEO professionals. Contact us through +1 (213) 322-0770.