SEO Management Services to Perform Competitive Analysis

SEO management services

One of the SEO management services is to conduct competitive analysis. Now, you’re wondering why it’s important? 

The competitive analysis must be part of any market research. This will help you develop a marketing strategy that works. 

Who are Your Competitors? 

The first thing you must do when analyzing your competitors is to find them. 

Your competitor can be any company or person who’s in your target market. For example, if you’re in the sneakers industry, your biggest competitors are Nike and Adidas. 

However, you must remember that just because you’re in the same niche, it doesn’t mean that you’re competing with them. 

SEO Management Services Use a Paid Tool 

You can search for your competitors on Google. But it’s not the most productive method to use. Rather, you need a paid service to check your competing domains. 

An SEO company, on the other hand, uses a paid tool that can help in finding keyword overlap. 

And it’s one reason you must consider working with a reliable SEO company to make competitive analysis a lot easier and faster. 

Once you know who your competitors are, you can have a better idea of who you’re up against. You can determine whether or not you can compete with them. 

However, just because your competitors are more established than you, it doesn’t mean that you can’t successfully compete with them. 

There’s still a way for you to do it. And that is through a comprehensive analysis of their products and services. 

Knowing what they offer and how they market them will give you a competitive advantage. 

From there, you can familiarize yourself with their targeting and positioning on Google. When you know who they’re targeting, you’ll know whether or not you’re direct competitors. 

Know their Distribution Channels 

Distribution can be straightforward. However, some companies are using complex distribution channels. 

This is easier to know. You can just go to their homepage and find out how their customers buy their products or services. 

What are the Competitors’ Distinct Assets? 

These assets can be their logos, brand colors, mascots, and fonts. You can easily win in your marketing when people can quickly recognize your brand even if you remove your logo. 

For that reason, you must have distinctive assets, besides your logo. 

Analyze Through SWOT Method 

After gathering all the necessary data, you can conduct this type of analysis to give you a better view of your competitors. This analysis will help you know their strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. 

Analyzing your competitors is a vital part of having a marketing strategy that works. But you don’t do it once. Instead, you must analyze your competitors every year or twice a year. 

The key here is to devote ample time to study them and put your insights into action. Getting your market research wrong will only affect your overall marketing strategy.