SEO Management Company in Los Angeles to Help You Appear on Google Discover

SEO management company in Los Angeles

An SEO management company in Los Angeles is your best option if you wish to rank higher on Google Discover. But what is this tool all about? 

Google Discover can be a search engine and a social media. However, the timely feed will depend on the users’ search activities. 

The search engine giant introduced this tool in 2018. Since then, people are getting a customized Google Discover feed through their smartphones and tablets. It has also become a source of traffic for many sites. 

If you want to get a piece of it, you must first know how Discover generates its feed. 

Google stated that the user’s activity in all Google products is important to generate the feed. The user’s location and the topics they follow will also help Google’s algorithm. 

In other words, the feed reflects the users’ current interests and other things relevant to them. 

Now, how are you going to use it to drive traffic to your site? 

SEO Management Company in Los Angeles Tips to Drive Traffic from Google Discover 

The first tip is not to spend your effort and time chasing Discover clicks. Instead, you need to prioritize your organic traffic. 

To optimize for Discover, you need to use your Google Search Console to know what search terms get constant traction. 

But some of your content might not make it to the Discover feed. 

To boost your site’s chances to land on your users’ feed, you must ensure that you have a mobile-friendly site. Keep in mind that it’s a mobile-only feed that’s why you need a responsive site with little to no ads. 

Use AMP as well. Google stated that the majority of sites appearing on Discover are on AMP. 

Furthermore, you need high-quality images. On Discover, images get the most attention. In that case, you must only use excellent quality images for your page. 

For the right resolution, use at least 1200px wide. To give Google more data, use the schema image property. 

In addition to images, your title tags and description must entice users to click on your content. But avoid using clickbait. Google hates it. 

But what kind of content you must publish so it will appear on the Discover feed? 

Popular Topics 

Discover tends to provide timely content to users. It’s one reason news sites dominate the feed. 

However, if you’re not a news site, your evergreen content can still appear on the feed. As long as you publish a high-quality evergreen post, it’s likely that it’ll get thousands of clicks from this feed. 

You should also work on your site’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EAT). 

In that case, you need to provide your clear bylines, publication, publisher, and the company behind it. To better build trust, make sure to include your contact information on the post.