SEO LA to Check Your Content’s Readability


Your content’s readability is vital for SEO. Will it result in higher rankings? How about traffic? Our SEO LA experts believe that content’s readability can help you get more visitors. 

It may not give you higher rankings directly. Remember, though, that the more visitors you get, the more the search engines will think that you are a credible website. 

SEO LA to Improve User Experience 

One of the things that we do at SEO Expert Danny is to check our clients’ websites for readability. Understand that search engines like easy to understand copy. Incomprehensible copy entails bad user experience and that affects your overall ranking. If nobody likes to read your post because it is boring and unclear, your visitors will leave your site immediately. And this will be reflected on your bounce rate. Search engines will look at the bounce rate of any website. They consider them as a sign that the users did not like what they saw. It tells Google that your visitors had a bad experience on your site. On the other hand, if you make your copy readable, your visitors will stay longer on your site. It is especially true if you gave them the answer they are looking for. 

Holistic SEO 

One of our goals here at SEO Expert Danny is to offer our clients holistic SEO. It means that we only write copy for our clients that are easy to understand. In this way, their visitors will be satisfied when they leave the site. When the company released the Hummingbird update, the search engine giant began to recognize synonyms. The algorithm also allowed Google to predict better at what people want to read. In other words, Google’s algorithm is imitating a human. That is, it is trying to read a text like a real human being. Although it is not there yet, Google is now more capable of understanding text than it was before. SEO LA

How to Make Text More Readable 

You should consider the structure of your content. That is, you must know what to tell your visitors. Then, understand the flow of the content. Make sure that the topics are in a sensible system and ensure that they can follow your message or arguments. When writing your content, make it shorter, rather than lengthy sentences. Avoid including difficult words in a text. As much as possible, limit or avoid the use of passive voice. 

Readability Analysis

Here at SEO Expert Danny, we have a team of copywriters for our clients’ websites. We double-check the content before we publish it. We utilize readability tools to ensure that the content is easy to understand. We know that rankings will not increase immediately after improving the content’s readability. However, providing your visitors with a readable post will make them come back again and again. It is a vital SEO strategy that is sometimes neglected by some SEO experts. But not our SEO LA team. We ensure that the copy that we make is easy to read before publishing it to boost conversion rate.To know more about how our SEO LA experts can help you out with your content marketing, please give us a call at (855) 605-7361.