SEO Hacks for Newbies

SEO Hacks for Newbies

You may think that you’ve already found the easy way to make your site appear on top of Google’s SERP. That’s probably because you’ve read that to succeed in SEO, you’ll only need the right keywords and optimize them.

But SEO isn’t as easy as that. You can’t easily break past your competitors for the most coveted keywords on Google SERPs.

If you’re one of those site owners who only want to carry out simple tweaks that can move the needle, then these SEO hacks are for you.

Remove Huge Images

A huge image can slow down the loading time of your page. Remember that loading time can hurt your rankings and user experience. Unfortunately, not all developers heed to it.

Fortunately, it’s easy to optimize your images to a more reasonable size. It’s the number one quick fix that you can do to improve your site’s speed. There are tools that you can use to check the file size of your images. Use them and check your pictures.

Next time, tell your designers to optimize your images before uploading them. Train your staff to get into the habit of checking image sizes before they even publish them.

Make sure to your home page is linked to your most relevant pages
Compared to other pages on your site, your homepage attracts more links. As the most vital part of SEO, you should ensure that link authority will get directed from your home page to your other relevant subpages.

You might think that you should only include the most relevant categories in the top nav. But how about those essential products that you have or pages that you want to rank higher? They’re vital too.

That said, make sure that you include them on your home page, navigational links, and footer links. By providing your visitors prominent links, you’re giving them a better user experience as they can easily find your best stuff.

SEO Hacks for Newbies

Check pages with 404

On your site, check for URLs that return a 404. You can easily identify them using Google Search Console. It gives you an ability to check those pages and see whether some sites link to them.

You should fix them ASAP as they can squander link authority.

Monitor social media to discover valuable keywords

When you monitor conversations on social media within your niche, you’ll find useful keywords before your competitors will find them. If you notice a recurring question, for example, you can write content about it on your blog.

It won’t only help your site rank higher, but it’ll also help you become an authority in your niche by being a person who knows the answer to the questions of most people.

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