SEO for Google Places

In the not far past, the only way to find your way in the market was through blindly walking physically through the entire market. This was tiresome, cumbersome, with no guaranteed results. However, with Google places, many customers penetrate the market with their mobile devices or PCs. Therefore, as a business proprietor, you should make use of this powerful tool and put your business on the map for easy location by potential customers.

google-placesNevertheless, having your business on Google places is not the only strategy. Your competitors are also doing it therefore, you need to beat them. This is possible through SEO for Google places. With effective Google places SEO, you will rank better and more visibly on Google places. But how do you do this? Google places is not like the ordinary SEO where you can rank for several keywords. This is because you run a single business located in a single place or in several places for business with branches. Therefore, you can only appear in the specific places where your business is located.

However, you can make full use of the visibility to better market your business to your potential customers. How do you do this?

First, complete all the field required when signing for Google places and ensure consistency. The main parts that you need to ensure they appear are the physical address for the business, email address, website, description, and ensure you place your business in the right category. These elements help to show that the business is real.

Second, try as much as possible to place the primary keyword somewhere. This can be done in the description or any other convenient place. However, don’t stuff the keyword because just as in typical SEO, it will be branded spam. If such happens, your business will be ranked very low, if it ranks at all in the main Google search engines and Google in particular.

The third strategy to boost your Google places ranking is seeking reviews. Typically, if you are offering only standard services to your customers, they will simply go away with no comment and they might not return. Research has shown that customers will leave reviews/comments or make posts on your business is the services offered are exquisite or are very poor with the feedback being positive and negative respectively. For these two ways, you won’t need to ask for reviews, they will just come. However, if your service is good and satisfying, then you can politely ask your customers to reviews your business on Google places. For example, “Satisfied? Please reviews us on Google places” is a possible tag for soliciting reviews. You can also ask your friends to make reviews, or simply leave it for your web master to get reviews.