SEO with Geo-Targeting — What Are the Ways?

geo targeting

Ranking for the most pertinent keywords or key phrases for your niche can be tough. After all, you are competing against the major brands. Unfortunately, they have massive SEO budgets. But don’t worry, for SEO expert, Danny Star, is here to help you out. One of the most effective ways to compete against those giants in your field is to perform geo-targeting.

Choose to Have Location-Specific Landing Pages

To maximize geo-target keywords, make sure to create location-specific landing pages for those keywords. If a person clicks your geo-targeted URL but he lands on a generic landing page, you will lose conversions.

However, if you choose to have a customized landing page for that geo-targeted keyword, your page will appear to have all the options your users need.

Our SEO Expert service includes the use of tools to display location-specific landing pages. They can make our clients’ websites appear on a highly targeted search result.

Focus on Location-Specific Keywords

Doing so will help you get around the keyword competition and rank well in search.

But how to perform location-specific keywords? You need to include your organization’s location.

This strategy can be implemented by any business. You just need to look for keywords that consider the account user’s intent.

Make sure that the terms allow users who are actively looking for businesses near you to find your site when searching.


Optimize for Local Search

Local searches are increasing. In fact, Google estimated that more than 70% of online activities are related to local searches. Thus, Google has to provide relevant local results in the search.

This is why the search engine giant provides local search results that show up over organic results for inquiries related to local listings.

To appear in that vital real estate, make sure to sign up for Google My Business.

Your business’s name, as well as its address and phone number, must be consistent and up-to-date in Google My Business.

These details must match those on other local online directories. Keep in mind that Google will cross-reference them to ensure that your business is credible. It also ensures that your site ranks in local search.

Use Targeted Domain

It can be expensive, but it is worth an investment. It is especially beneficial if your business is situated outside the United States. A targeted top-level domain is a useful geo-targeting tool.

What is TLD? Examples would include .uk, .ph, .au, etc. However, TLD is not an elixir. It only becomes beneficial if you are targeting a particular country. If it is, then it can help you easily rank for that target location.

However, if you are targeting several countries, this tool might not be a necessary investment.

Want To Win The SEO Game with Geo-Targeting?

Hire our SEO expert team to help you implement those competitive marketing tactics, especially the geo-targeting concept. We believe that you can rank well by focusing on relevancy and not just about competing for popular keywords. Allow us to help you by contacting us for an initial consultation:  +1 (213) 322-0770.