SEO friendly web design

SEO friendly web design
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The most important strategy when it comes to your website is to ensure that it has a SEO friendly Web Design. This is the only way to create a site that is not blind, a site that will rank high in SERPs, and establish prominence in the web. What we are saying is; it is not just enough to design a website that is appealing in appearance and addresses target group needs. Even that site with what users are looking for, will need to be put on the spotlight quite literary for users to find it.

You need SEO strategies and there is no question about it, unless you need a website for your own use or for referral purposes. Note; even for referrals, you need your site to be SEO friendly for the search robots to find it. The process of making a website SEO friendly is referred to as optimization. Therefore, what are some of the strategies at disposal for website optimization? It is important to note that, the optimization process is not a one-day event. You cannot optimize your site today and have it rank by tomorrow. It requires patience. SEO friendly web design

The first strategy at your disposal in site optimization is with keywords. Keywords are “hot words/phrases” and are quite an important part of any SEO campaign. However, not just any word or phrase you think of can be used as a keyword; you need the right ones. To determine the right keyword, there is Google AdWords, which is a tool with a number of words to use. In essence, keywords are search terms that are used by internet users to consider online searches. Other tools that have proven to be useful in keyword determination include keyword tool, Wordtracker, Wordstream…etc.

The second strategy is with regard to keyword placement. After identifying the keywords to use in your SEO campaign, you won’t just place then anywhere or everywhere. If you do so, you might end up having you site brought down as spam or not making the optimum benefit of keywords. Where should you place keywords to make maximum impact? These include the title tag, meta description, H1, H2, and H3 tags, alt text, footer links, URLs, etc.

The third strategy to use for site optimization is search engine friendly optimization. What this means is, you need a website structure that search engine can follow. The main issue that makes sites none-navigable by search engines is with links being images rather than text. To avoid this, better use CSS3 rather than Photoshop and JavaScript. Also, don’t use high script language, they have also been shown to result to crawl errors. Moreover, these items cause the site to up load for long time.

In the current day and age, you cannot ignore the benefits of social media on your site. This is the fourth strategy. Social media has proven to be such a powerful strategy in SEO optimization. It allows sharing of your content, which has the advantage of increasing online prominence. Social media is a perfect platform for link building. To use this strategy, you need to sign in to Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, dig, etc.

There are some other strategies to make your site SEO-friendly, but these are will help you get your site rolling.

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