SEO for YouTube

SEO for Youtube

SEO for YouTube is an important factor of any inbound marketing campaign. Videos contain important content of your company, business, or service.

Since YouTube is the most popular video site, it’s ideal to publish your videos in this platform. Even if you are a B2B company, you should still consider publishing videos on YouTube to improve your SEO campaign.

In order for your videos to appear on search engine, it is best to optimize the basic details of your videos. That is, maximize the use of titles and description. The title should have a keyword phrase that describes what your business is all about. Keep in mind though that the title should be less than 66 characters to avoid being truncated in the search result.

Your description can be longer, about two to three sentences and it must contain keywords and a link.

When performing SEO for YouTube, you should not forget about tags. SEO expert, Danny Star, suggests the inclusion of up to seven relevant keywords in your tags for your videos. These tags will allow your video to be shown under the “related video” field. It will surely help you generate additional views from those people who were watching other videos that are similar to yours.

Youtube SEO

Make it Popular

You need to make your videos be popular so they will appear higher in search results. YouTube likes showing popular videos first because they tend to offer quality videos. An increase in views within a short period of time will place your videos under “most viewed today.” This in turn will lure more views to your own videos.

To improve your views, make sure that you share the links of your YouTube videos in social media or embed the links on your blog. You may use your email to promote your videos on YouTube to generate more views

Awesome Content

YouTube likes videos with higher ratings and comments as they could mean higher quality. The best way to generate more “thumbs up” and comments is to create awesome content. Then, encourage your fans or followers to check out your video.

It’s also best to post your videos in HD, rather than SD. HD videos outrank those videos in SD. YouTube has more resources. That said, even though HD videos would require more storage space and bandwidth, YouTube could handle it easily. With that in mind, try uploading videos that are of 1080P, as much as you can. For your presentation, make sure that your videos are of 720P.