SEO for Lawyers: Tips to Get Ready for 2022

SEO for lawyers
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2022 is closer than you might think, only two and a half months away. 

Many articles that discuss “what you can do to get your SEO ready for 2022” only involve tips that you can utilize in, well, 2022. 

Today, we want to focus on SEO for lawyers tips that you can do right now as soon as you’re done reading this blog. 

That way, you’ll be ready for 2022 as well as the rest of 2021. 

SEO for lawyers

Before Doing Something New, Fix What You’ve Got 


Sometimes, the best way to help your SEO isn’t to start something new, but rather, to fix something on your site. 

To that end, make certain that your site is utterly optimized for mobile devices

You should be able to open it on your phone or tablet just as easily and simply as you would on your desktop or laptop. 

With more than half of all searches taking place on mobile devices already, that number will only grow in 2022. 

Speaking of fixing what’s “broken” about your site, when’s the last time you went through looking for any broken links to be replaced? 

If it’s been a while, you may have broken links that are dragging your SEO down (while also making for a more frustrating experience for your customers). 

Finding any broken links and replacing them with links that do work will also give you a small SEO “shot in the arm,” so to speak, too. 


SEO for Lawyers: It’s a Race 


You want your site to load completely on any device, but you don’t want it to take too long to do so. 

The faster your site loads, the better.

If it takes too long for your site to load, it’s more likely that will negatively affect your bounce rate. Folks are unlikely to stick around if your site takes “forever” to load (“forever,” in this context, being defined as “more than eight seconds.”) 

If Google sees your bounce rate is too high, Google will assume (correctly) that visitors to your site are having a negative experience and thus will be greatly unlikely to reward you with higher SEO rankings. 

Faster page speed is, like so much else tied to your website, a question of credibility. 

Even if a potential client doesn’t say it out loud, on some level, they’re likely to think: “if this attorney’s website doesn’t load in a reasonable manner, are they really likely to be the attorney I need for my case?” 

Making sure your page is up to speed (literally) gives you the best opportunity to keep up with and even outpace your competition. 

SEO for lawyers

Images Worth More Than a Thousand Words 


You know how potent video content can be for your firm and your SEO. 

It establishes your authoritativeness, it lets potential clients connect with you on a human level, it shows your firm in the best light, and it can help your SEO. 

After all, just as a “bad” bounce rate can lower your SEO, a “good” one can raise it. The more time visitors spend on your site, the more Google thinks: “this site really does provide visitors with what they’re looking for.” 

Videos can be a major part of that. 

Something else to include: infographics. 

Blogs are great. Blogs, landing pages, and the like are fantastic ways to grow your business. 

But, don’t forget about infographics. They can convey all of the information that a blog would, they can just do it in one simple image. 

It’s important to note an infographic can cover just about anything. 

Many have the idea in their mind that an infographic can only be some kind of bar graph or the like. However, they can cover changes in the law, information about what clients should do when reaching out to an attorney, and so much more. 

Really, an infographic can cover everything that a video and/or blog can. 

That’s not to say that you need to post an infographic every day or something. But, utilizing them properly gives you one more chance for your content to stand out from the rest. 


An SEO for Lawyers in Los Angeles Team for Your Firm 


If you’re like many attorneys, you may have read the above and thought: “that all sounds great, but I don’t have the time to do that in 2021. 2022 isn’t looking good for that, either.” 

This is exactly where we’ve helped many law firms over the years. 

We can help you with each of the above and so much more. 

That way, your law firm can grow in 2021, 2022, and for years after that. 

To schedule a consultation with our law firm SEO professionals, just call us at (888) 477-9540.