SEO for Law Firms Doesn’t Have To Be So Difficult

SEO for Law Firms Doesnt Have To Be So Difficult

Here’s the thing… SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for any business within the law industry is complex. It is tough because there is a lot of competition. However, there is a flip side to SEO for law firms that makes it easier; you just need to do the right thing with enough consistency. Read on to find out how. 

Most of Your Competitors Are Not That Good

You have thousands of competitors around the world. You are competing with everybody. From the massive consultancies to the person who operates out of their bedroom. The Internet is stuffed with people and companies in your industry, but the good news is that most of your competitors are not so good. So, even if you don’t reach excellence at once, you are still going to rise above the rest. Your website may start at position 200,000 on the Google search engine results, but if you are doing everything okay, then you will rise up the results pretty quickly because most of your competitors are not putting in the work. 

Rising Above is Easier Than You Think

It could be that many of your competitors only pay any mind to their SEO when they first make their website. They do not operate systematically. They do not have a process. As a result, their SEO does not work that well. You do not need to over-optimize your website, you simply need to not ignore your SEO. 

Do not go the other way either. Some of your competitors are stuffing their websites with keywords, they are using every trick in the book and they are over-optimizing their website so that it doesn’t rank very highly. Do not make this mistake yourself and you will rise up through the search engine results.

Consistency and Diligence Will Always Pay Off in Highly Competitive Areas

It doesn’t even matter how bad you are if you are consistent and you are still going in a few years when your competitors have quit. There is a lot of competition, but most come into existence and then quickly expire. Today, you may have 20,000 above you on the Google search engine results. In two years, around half of them will have gone bust, which means you move up by default. 

Your Competitors Are Drawing People Towards You

This is the great thing about competition. Let’s say you open up a pizza shop on a street. Then, a pizza shop opens to your left, to your right, and across the street. This seems like bad news at first because you have so many local competitors. However, when people want a pizza, they go to the pizza district (i.e. where there are lots of pizza shops). As a result, your competitors actually draw more people into your selling area. This can help make your services more popular and lower your marketing expenses because your competitors are the ones doing all the service/industry education.

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