SEO Experts Recommendations to Avoid Google Algorithm Penalty

SEO Experts Recommendations

Google announced a broad core algorithm update last June. When SEO experts learned about it, most of them freaked out. However, at SEO Expert Danny, we are confident that our clients’ sites have not been significantly affected. The reason for this is that we always follow SEO experts’ recommendations that can make sites resistant to any updates. 

SEO Experts Recommendations to Minimize Algorithm Updates Impact 

Publish Great Content Only 

It is not easy to maintain on the top spot of Google’s SERP. The search engine giant continues to update its algorithm making it difficult to keep up. However, if you always publish great, high-quality content for your audience, your site’s ranking may not be greatly affected. SEO Experts RecommendationsPublishing great content is a long-term strategy. It may experience fluctuations in your organic traffic when an algorithm update is rolled out. However, the ranking will go back and the traffic will resume. In that case, to future-proof your website, make sure that you deliver only quality content to your visitors. But what is great content? Publishing original, likable, useful content will attract the search engines. They will also help your site get more exposure. Google hates duplicate content and if it sees that you have it on your site, it will surely penalize the page. Worse, it will penalize your entire site. Google rewards sites with high-quality content. To publish great content, you need to use strong headlines. It sparks interest while inviting readers in. When you have an exciting headline, people will read it and consume the rest of your content, and not just browse. The best content offers users a way to apply the information provided. Give your users some tips to apply what you offer them. Write well about a certain topic that will spark ideas for your readers. Most of all, your content must provide answers. When people use a search engine, they want to get some answers to their questions. They want answers so they can gain knowledge. Furthermore, they want their questions answered fast. In that case, you need to make sure that your content is easy to scan. In that way, it is easy to pick up those most important pieces of information quickly. And of course, the content must be accurate. The information you provide reflects your brand. If there are inaccuracies, they can greatly affect how people view your brand or company. When you create engaging content, people will read it. They are compelled to know more about your brand so they will browse more information and posts. As you only provide quality content, they will treat your site to be the go-to information hub if they need answers to their questions. However, you also need to update your content. If the topics you provided have become obsolete, then make sure to update them. But make sure to update it whenever necessary. There are other SEO Experts recommendations you can implement on your blog or site to ensure that they are not significantly affected each time Google releases an update. Talk to our SEO expert today to help in future-proofing your site: +1 (213) 322-0770.