SEO Experts Recommendations About Ideal Page Speed

SEO Experts Recommendations

One of the SEO experts recommendations is to improve page speed. But many are wondering and asking our SEO specialists regarding the ideal page loading time. Is it one second? Two seconds? 

What are SEO Experts Recommendations on Ideal Page Speed

Google measures page speed to rank content. But it does so by separating pages into good and bad categories. Google stated that there is no threshold between these two categories in terms of its algorithm. In other words, there is no ideal page speed. So, what must you do about it? Since there is no specific number on what the page speed must be, you need to ensure that your page is fast enough to fit in the good category. SEO Experts RecommendationsSimply visit your site and evaluate its loading time. Is it fast or is it slow? But you need to consider your Internet speed as well. If the page speed is slow even on your own perspective, then it is time for you to call our SEO experts to look at your code. We can implement some strategies to ensure that your page will load quickly. Another thing that many of our clients are concerned about is the PageSpeed insights score. What is the effect of that score on their SEO campaign? Google PageSpeed Insights tool is valuable. You must use it to analyze the data to know the things you could improve to boost your page in speed. Again, analyzing those data can be tricky. But we are here to explain them to you. If you have tested your website through the said tool and you got a low score, then give us a call today. We can give you recommendations on how to up your score and give your page speed a boost. As to the ways to boost your page loading time, you can implement a lot of them. 

Reduce HTTP Requests 

Most of a web page’s loading time is spent downloading some parts of the page. The more on-page elements there are, the longer it will take for the page to load. To minimize requests, you may use Chrome’s Developers Tools to find out the number of HTTP requests on your site. Then, reduce those requests to speed up your site. When you mitigate them, you will immediately notice a difference in your page speed. After knowing the request your site is making, you can start minimizing the number. You can start with your HTML and CSS. They are vital files of your site but they add requests on your site. To remedy it, make sure to lower the number by combining your files. This method will reduce the file size. Boosting your page loading time can be a tough one if you are not used to optimizing your site. As a business person, your role is to improve your products and services and not to tinker on your site to boost speed. Just leave this task to an SEO specialist, like SEO Expert Danny. If you need more SEO experts recommendations on how to boost your site’s speed, give us a call at (855) 605-7361.