SEO Experts Provide Techniques on How to Boost SEO Ranking through Email Marketing During this Pandemic


Email Marketing remains a low-cost way to reach your audience during this pandemic. It has an outstanding value proposition. Many of our clients are seeking the assistance of our SEO experts on how to boost their email marketing as their offline sales have been affected. 

If you are struggling to make sales today because of the coronavirus pandemic, it might be time for you to migrate to digital marketing. You may talk to our SEO consultant on how to begin the transition. Call Danny Star at (213) 322-0770.  

In this time of crisis, your subscribers may not want to hear about your new product launch. However, if the product does offer value to them, then your subscribers may welcome it. 

When you do email marketing, make sure that it addresses the current crisis. You should pause campaigns that are tone-deaf. 

Consult our SEO experts to know what type of information you may include and how to put it in place during this crisis. 

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Keep Marketing Content on Website

Building search traffic now is vital for all companies, especially if your business doesn’t serve essential products. But to avoid people searching for your content through their email inbox, make sure that you keep your email content on your site. Your readers want to visit your site. However, they will go there through email marketing. The best thing to do here is to use the right keywords or keyphrases together with your email creative. Some people will receive your email at the wrong time. That is when they are not yet ready to engage with it. But when they are ready for it, they will search for it later. Thus, make sure that you put a link to that content on your site. In that way, your readers can search for it later and engage with it if it is posted on your site. 

Add Social Media Links in Email 

You should not forget to integrate your social media links in your email. This strategy will also help in building search traffic by exposing your site on social media. Make sure to allow your recipients to share your email with other people. Each time they share it, they are sharing the link of your content. It doesn’t only drive traffic to your site but it also boosts your link building campaign. However, if you wish your email content to be shared gazillion times, you need to add value to your recipients. Your message must be relevant and informative. It must also help your subscribers. Write to your subscribers who are known to open and engage with your content. From there, you can monitor the message’s performance. Some people may not like what you emailed them. As a result, they will unsubscribe to your newsletter. If that happens, you should reconsider your email copy. In this time of uncertainty, your recipients don’t want to hear an abundance of caution. Rather, they want to know the good news about your brand. Thus, share any positive messages about your business. You should also tell them about the measures that your company has taken to fight the crisis. When you need to tell your customers about your products and services, make sure that your recipients can benefit from it. Then, don’t forget to add your customer support lines at the end of your email. Avoid calls-to-action if you are sending a serious message. In this way, your recipients will not get distracted from the main message. And because your recipients are having a hard time reading other brands’ emails, make sure that your email is brief and easy to read. 

Develop an Email List

Now, if you see that your recipients are not engaging with your email. Perhaps, it is time for you to develop an engaged email list. It is a list of people who are opening your emails actively. They read your content and click on your links. You may use tools that let you measure the engagement of your audience. But you must first build engaged users by studying them and know their preferences. When you know these details, you can use them to transform your brand into a magnet. 

Thank Your Recipients 

A message of thanks is also a great way to reach out to your entire community and boost your SEO effort. Most of your recipients are likely to open your email because of the word “thanks.” The more you appreciate them, the more likely they engage with your content. For instance, you may send a message acknowledging how the coronavirus has impacted your business. But you must not convey a frustrating message. Instead, you must express confidence and be thankful as you face this situation. Crafting a great email to message your recipients can be difficult. But not for SEO experts. Please feel free to call us so we can assist you in writing a message with high CTR despite the pandemic: (213) 322-0770.