SEO Expert Tools: Should You Be Using Them?

SEO Expert Tools

Most website owners who perform the SEOs on their own are using SEO Expert Tools to give them better insights about their websites. There are several tools out there for measurement, analysis, crawling and benchmarking. In this post, let us talk about the other reasons you must be using these tools. 

Know Your Competition through SEO Expert Tools 

You cannot compete effectively if you do not know who you are competing against. The good thing is that there are tools online that let you spy on your competition without crossing any lines. At SEO Expert Danny, we use a combination of our proprietary SEO tool and other free tools. These tools will help us dig deeper into our clients’ competition’s SEO techniques. With these tools, we can see the traffic rankings and numbers and know where their backlinks are coming from. Once we know all of them, we can create a plan to reach out to those same sites to create links to our clients’ websites. In a matter of seconds, we are generating a list of opportunities with these tools. Then, we can also see new keywords that our clients’ competitors are ranking for. From there, we add the terms to the list and use the SEO expert tools to determine related search terms to help in expanding to new markets. 

Perform SEO Audits

To know our clients’ site issues, we perform comprehensive SEO audits. Through auditing, we can gather a lot of knowledge to identify site issues. But we do not perform manual editing. Rather, we use free crawling and paid tools to help us identify loads of potential issues. These crawling tools help us identify broken links, missing page titles, poor page depth, and a lot more. The tools that we use can automate the process completely. We pull different pieces of information and put them into a report that is easy to read. Then, we present the information to our clients. From there, we can discuss the issues to our clients so they are aware of what we are doing to help them get a robust SEO foundation for their websites. SEO Expert Tools

Search High-Converting Search Terms 

It is not easy to find keywords for your site. Indeed, you can use Google Analytics or Google Search Console to find search terms. However, not all keywords are high-converting. At SEO Expert Danny, we use SEO tools to help us understand the intent behind the keywords that the users are using. From there, we can spot which of the keywords are worth targeting. 

Why Hire an SEO Pro When You Can Use SEO Tools 

Indeed, you can just use those tools for free or with monthly payment. But you need to thoroughly analyze the report they are giving you every day. Do you have the time for that? Most of the successful website owners are using SEO services to help them manage their site to keep it as healthy as possible. If you are not sure how you can benefit from our SEO expert services, please give us a call: (855) 605-7361. We can tell you how you can reap the SEO’s benefits with the assistance of our SEO professionals.