SEO Expert: Tips to Upgrade Your SEO with Content Creation


Nowadays the world has become an entire marketing machine. Everyone wants to be a competition for everyone, but that’s not how this is done. Reality is: not everyone is a true SEO expert. To reach that title, you need to get results. Solid results. One way to get results is through content creation, and that is a tricky subject. You might be good at writing a particular type of text, sure. However, are you good at catching your reader’s attention?

SEO Expert

Find a Niche

Finding a Niche these days can be pretty difficult, and, at the same time, pretty easy. You see, everything is a niche. So, because of that, you could think it’s easy. But it gets difficult if you don’t have a determined topic for your blog/business. This is why you should find something you really like (and that others like too), and focus on that 99%.  Yes, 99%, because you also need space for one or two posts every once and then about related topics (not too far from what you often talk about) to catch outer readers to your blog.According to a few blogs (as Blog Fundas) that talk about niches, these are some of the best niches (to make money) in 2019:

  1. Personal Finance.
  2. Health and Fitness.
  3. Tech Blogs.
  4. Make Money Online/ Internet Marketing.
  5. Lifestyle.
  6. Beauty and Fashion.
  7. Food.
  8. Travel.
  9. Home Décor.
  10. Parenting.
  11. Education and Learning.
  12. Arts and Entertainment.
  13. Personal Development.
  14. Niche Blogs (Amazon, eBay, Podcasts, etc).

Plan your postingsImprovisation is a good tool for very few moments in life. But not for an SEO expert. You should always try to plan what you want to do if you want to succeed at it. Planning is simple; don’t complicate yourself too much at it. What you can do:

  1. Write articles, but don’t publish all of them at once.
  2. Check what days of the week and hours your readers are most active.
  3. Select those days to publish your articles.
  4. Always have backup plans in case there’s something you missed.

Connect with your AudienceHaving a connection with your audience is an art; the art of being empathic. Just like Mantis from Marvel. Of course, you can’t spend your whole days investigating minute by minute what people like. Instead, you can spend some time per day by reading your audience’s comments; what they like, and what they don’t. Learn more about what YOU like, because that’s why your readers came to you in the first place.

Find good images

Images are important, yes, because you want to capture your reader’s eyes in almost every possible way (you just don’t want to LITERALLY capture their eyes). You want their mind to be connected with yours, and their memory to always remind the images that you’re showing to them.

K.I.S.S – Keep It Short and Simple

This is a great piece of advice. And it’s also very simple. You don’t want them to get bored with reading too much. You want them to be caught in your text that when they finish reading it, they want more. If it’s too long, there’s a chance they finish reading it, sure. But they won’t want to read more after that.

Get Help from SEO Experts

And please, always call them for more. If you want to learn more about SEO, you might want to search through SEO Expert Danny’s blog. A great place for businesses to grow, and for learners to learn. Or you contact our team for our services at (213) 322-0770!