SEO Expert Team Visited Google Headquarters for LEAD Summit

SEO Expert Team

Last month, we were invited by Google for the Google Summit. It is an invite-only event that provided us the chance to have some quality time with other executives from top-level companies. The entire SEO expert team of SEO Expert Danny was there at the Google Headquarters for three days.

LEAD Summit

There were a lot of things being covered during last month’s three-day summit. Here are some key points that we took away from the summit. You can use these points, too, in implementing better SEO campaign for your company.

User Focus

As always, Google emphasizes on user experience.

If you are a webmaster, it is easy to get caught up in marketing, link building, SEO campaign, etc.

But Google said that it is more important to focus on the user and how they interact with your site, business or product. If you can give them the awesome feeling each time they visit your site, they can be your long-term fan.

SEO Expert Team

Engage with your Clients

Google also emphasizes on engaging with clients by asking them feedback to improve your site, product or services.

Then, provide them with valuable information so they keep on coming back to your site. When marketing to them, it is necessary that you do it proactively.

During the LEAD summit, Google wants their Google Partners to engage with their users before they even become their clients.

And this is what the SEO Expert team is doing. We have been promoting live chat and connecting with clients on social media so we can answer their questions instantly.

Do Not Be Afraid to Innovate

Google wants their Google Partners to think big, rather than making just 10% improvement.

True innovation only happens when there is a greater challenge presented.

And Google also encouraged failing well. That is, do not let failures stop you. Whatever mistakes you have committed, apply what you have learned from them on your next project.

The company also presented their products that will be coming in 2016. They also let us know what will work for us and what will not.

Being in the collaborative environment with other pros provided us a truly enriching experience that we cannot wait to share with our clients. Our SEO Expert team has passed Google Partners exam and has become Google certified each year. This is necessary so that we can keep up with the latest trends and apply them to our clients’ businesses.

We were just thrilled to be handpicked by Google from its list of Google Partners.