SEO Expert Services to Handle Technical SEO and Link Building

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Our SEO Expert services are useful in boosting your technical SEO and link building campaign. But why is it vital to focus on technical SEO? 

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Search Engine Can Crawl Your Site 

One of the reasons you need to fix your technical SEO before focusing on your link building campaign is to ensure that your site is crawlable. That is, search engine spiders can crawl it. Several things to consider here. One is to audit your site before implementing HTTPS. Conduct a surface-level audit to determine all the major issues that could greatly affect the transition. When purchasing an SSL certificate, make sure that such certificate covers all your site’s subdomains. If not, your site will encounter some issues, like redirecting URLs. To help you resolve any redirects issues, allow our SEO experts to help you out. In this way, you will not screw up something that can significantly affect your entire SEO campaign. 

Install a Plugin 

If you have a WordPress site, then it is easy to fix redirect issues. The best way here is to simply utilize a plugin. But not all plugins are created equal. That’s why our SEO experts will only recommend those best ones to make the entire process as painless as possible. 

Make Simple URL Structure 

In technical SEO, you need to have simpler UR structure. Pay attention to elements that generate dynamic parameters. You should also change URLs that are difficult to understand. When changing your URL structure, you have to create it to be human-readable. The more readable it is, the better. When people see your URL in the SERP, they are more likely to click on it because they know exactly what the URL is all about. Since creating URL is vital, you should make it a priority when you implement your SEO strategy. And our team at SEO Expert Danny can help. We do not only make the structure simpler but we also iron it out to prevent duplicate URLs. 

Opt for a Fast Loading Site 

To achieve it, your site has to be properly coded. And this is why it is important to implement your SEO strategies during web designing and developing stages. A poorly coded site could suffer negatively. It could load slowly, which Google frowns upon. And we can fix it. At SEO Expert Danny, we do not only offer SEO expert advice, tips, and services, but we also help with the design. We have our web design team who collaborates with our SEO department. When a web design team and the SEO team work together at the initial stage of your site development, any technical SEO problems can be addressed before you even launch your site. Better yet, your site will not suffer from any technical SEO issues. 

SEO Expert Services 

As mentioned, we offer different types of services that can help boost your brand’s image, improve SEO and a lot more. Talk to us today to know more about how our SEO expert services can help your online presence: (213) 322-0770