Is SEO Consulting the Same Service as an SEO Expert Report?

SEO Expert Report
Isn’t a SEO Expert Report, or an SEO Report, just the same as the sort of things your Google Search Console tells you about your website? Yes, but only in the same sense that a picture of a car from different angles is the same as a technical review. When you get an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) report from an expert, you are getting information and data that is placed in context. So, how does SEO consulting differ from an SEO report?


What is SEO Consulting?

Your SEO consultant is going to analyze, qualify, and provide advice that will help make your website and your online efforts more competitive. The areas that are reviewed and commented upon are:

  • Landing pages
  • Your company website
  • Technical SEO information via Google Console
  • Your blog
  • Advertisements
  • Keyword selection and usage
  • Social media accounts and postings
  • Google My Business page
  • Your link building strategy
  • Traffic from your SEO effort
  • Search engine rankings

In a sense, you can tailor what you want from your SEO consultant, but the list above assumes you want the full works and/or you have no idea what you really want.


What is an SEO Expert Report?

Though you have some level of flexibility, an SEO report offers raw data, processed data, and perhaps insights drawn from the data. It is a flexible process because you can have a certain set of data drawn and analyzed, such as finding out how well your Facebook posts are doing and how much traffic they are helping to push towards your website.It is also flexible by the fact that you can order the works. You can get raw, processed, and insight data on every element of your SEO, from your website home page, to how your affiliate adverts are improving your website numbers artificially. Here are a few things you may find in your SEO report.

  • Top keywords
  • Keyword impressions
  • SEO competitor analysis
  • Backlinks
  • Search traffic value
  • Organic traffic
  • Goal value
  • Mobile visits
  • Link value
  • Search volume trends
  • Site speed
  • Mobile organic users
  • Average ranking position
  • Bounce rate
  • The whole story
  • An overview
  • Domain authority
  • Assisted conversions
  • Number of pages visited
  • Clicks
  • Organic traffic changes by page
  • Internal site search queries
  • Revenue
  • List of redirect chains
  • Non-branded clicks
  • SEO tasks completed
  • Organic entrances
  • Dwell time
  • Conversions from organic traffic
  • User behavior
  • Number of organic keywords
  • Unbranded traffic
  • Monthly, quarterly, or yearly comparisons
  • URL growth trends
  • A list of next steps
  • Keyword rankings
  • Google My Business profile views
  • Top landing pages
  • Organic conversion rate


These are just a few of the things you can have posted on your SEO report. When you order an SEO report, there is an assumption that you can understand what you are seeing. In some cases, what you are seeing is self-explanatory. However, the conclusions and insights you draw from the data is not always so clear cut.For example, if you see that your landing pages have a very low dwelling time, you may be tempted to think they are not working properly. Whereas the fact they scare away some people and quickly funnel people to other pages, may mean your landing pages are working perfectly.


What is The Difference?

In many ways, if you want an SEO report, it is sort-of understood that you already have some SEO knowledge. You might think of it being a little like trying to fix your car by having a full mechanical diagnostic done with expert tools.If you are hiring an SEO consultant, it is understood that you either need help in a broad sense, or you have a single sticking point that you want help with from an SEO company.Whether you want a customized SEO report, or you want the help of SEO consultants, or perhaps you want both, then get in touch with the SEO Expert team today. We can help improve your standing in the online marketplace.