SEO Expert: How to Make Your Content Rank Higher in Google

SEO Expert

Our goal here at SEO Expert Danny is to ensure that our clients’ websites will rank well in Google. But many of our clients are wondering how we do it. 

SEO Expert on Content’s Relevance to the User

Google wants to give its users the best experience. That’s why when a user makes a query, Google will display only relevant information that it thinks is relevant to the reader. It means that your content must be useful to the user. It must serve a purpose to them. According to Google Webmaster Guidelines, Google wants webmasters to make pages for users and not for search engines. And one way to do that is to avoid deceiving your users. You must not trick your audience just to improve your search engine rankings. To ensure that the content you offer is relevant to your audience, you must ask yourself, “Does it help my user?” If it does, then you should publish it. If not, then change it. SEO ExpertRelevancy is vital to your ranking. To ensure that you are providing relevant content, you must speak to your reader. In other words, you must use their language. It requires research to ensure that you are on the right track. What you can do here is to perform social listening. You should also talk to your customers. If your audience is millennial, your content should have a laid-back language yet it has to be professional. It should be fun but not sloppy. 

Answer Your Readers’ Problems 

When you research your audience, you will know what their problems are and how to address them. Researching your audience’s interest will help you ensure that your content will be beneficial and relevant to them. 

Use the Right Keywords 

The goal of your content is to give answers to your readers’ problems. Thus, when you infuse the keywords, they must connect to that problem. Mix the readers’ problem into a simple keyword phrase. And don’t forget to include related terms. At the bottom of the SERP, you will discover related terms that users are searching as well. When you use those keywords, make sure that they are suitable for your brand. 

Do Not Use Jargon 

Jargon in your content will not make you professional. Rather, it will make your brand boring. Your audience does not want to feel awkward when they land on your page. Rather, they wish to get their problems solved without having to look for the meaning of the words that you use. Do not use nerdy references, if your audience is not into it. What you must do is to focus on being relevant and easy to understand. You should always put your audience first when making content for your site. It has to be user-focused content. It must be your top priority. These tips on how to make your content rank higher in Google are easy to implement. However, if you do not have time to apply them, then contact our SEO expert to help you implement those tactics. Give us a call today at +1 (213) 322-0770