SEO Expert Danny Urges Small Business Owners to take their Website Mobile

Mobile websites are fast turning into a necessity for small business owners. There are more than a billion smart phones today and mobile websites have started saturating the mobile space. This internet niche is already powering numerous advertisements, along with many other services, ranging from travel to weather applications. This trend is new and has been termed ‘Mobile Economy’ that would be imprudent for owners of small businesses to ignore.

You can do several things to enable individuals navigate your mobile website. These include a user-friendly interface which can be put onscreen to facilitate easy application of your website. A lot of mobile websites provide introductions, but lack options for navigation even after one skips the introduction bit. Content always works effectively as the initial input of a given mobile friendly website, before incorporating navigation aspects. This kind of prioritization enables internet visitors to access relevant information in expeditious manner. Mobile gadgets in essence have smaller screens with limited amount of space and facilitating users to obtain needed content is a smart business move.


When designing their websites, employ content first/navigation second structures of organization which are optimized for mobile use cases and small screens. As well, incorporate touch-sensitive functions that feature the appropriate gestures and targets. Construct input and form fields as well to enable mobile input that is more frequent and easier. Manage layouts for multiple mobile devices by undertaking meticulous editing, device classes as well as designs that users find responsive or flexible. Mobile marketing affords clients direct and fast access onto your business enterprise. It is less likely that your message will attract clients if you employ long messages. Be very concise and clear as well. Availing to prospects the exact information they require is an effective way of appealing to them to stay on for longer on your mobile-friendly website. The outcome would be conversion of leads into sales.

Consumers are now gravitating with convenience towards mobile websites, which is equally affecting technologies applied for payment. A great example is the trend-shift from checks or cash towards credit cards. Mass adoption of tablets and smart phones has occasioned a new shift away from card-based transactions done from fixed points in favor of those completed using mobile devices.

Local search engine data availed online is highly valuable to commerce within a particular region. It has capacity of small and medium-sized business enterprises by their hundreds-thousands to a mobile-based economy. This occurs as different firms engage their prospects via mobile search and other SEO strategies.

As part of your mobile-marketing endeavors, ensure sending communications or offers just sparingly. Clients sign up to obtain valuable and useful information or offers yet altogether respond with distaste to overwhelming messaging attempts. Many individuals today get bombarded with text messages and emails. As such, keep communication distinct and endeavor to provide value without causing annoyance. You can also provide instant rewards as a way of motivating participation on your mobile-friendly website. Mobile marketing expedites this process and grant prospects the rewards they expect.