SEO Expert Danny to Launch SEO Academy in 2016

SEO Academy

Danny Star will be launching a new site in 2016 that focuses on teaching SEO. It will be an SEO Academy that gives you basic and advanced training about search engine optimization.

The concept of SEO Academy is not a new concept. However, this new site of SEO Expert Danny will be up-to-date as it tackles SEO in-depth.

Who Can Take Advantage of It?

Anyone who wants to know SEO can use this new site. This is especially useful if you are thinking of having a new website. It will give you every piece of information and various tools to teach you on how to create a site that can be found by Google.

This is also ideal for individuals who want to create or improve their website’s ranking. Whether you want to increase your business’ online presence or you are a photographer putting your online portfolio, this SEO Academy will help you get started.

All in all, it will be a resource or a training tool for you.

Search Engine Optimization Academy

What Can You Expect From SEO Expert Danny?

Danny will teach you the most important things about SEO. His modules will tackle about how to make a great site that is not only friendly to Google but it is also valuable to your audience or target market.

The SEO Academy will teach you how the search engine giant will see and understand your site. Although Danny will tackle heavily on Google, he will also teach you how your site can be seen by other search engines.

SEO, these days, is no longer about links and keywords. But it is about the content of your site that is relevant to your audience. SEO is about providing your users what they want, rather than focusing on your attractiveness.

Even though the attractiveness of the site is still a factor in ranking your site, search engine, now, puts emphasis on the user finding relevant content within your page. It is important to remember that users visit your site to know something or buy your product. Danny will teach you how to provide your users the best user experience.

Is Link Building Still Pertinent?

Link building is not dead. And SEO Expert Danny will tell you why. When you talk of link building, the quality of links is given priority over quantity. That said, Danny will teach you how to get links from authority sites that are related to your page or business.

To know more about the launching of SEO Academy of SEO Expert Danny, visit:  SEO Academy