SEO Expert Danny one of the Top SEOs in USA

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SEO Expert Danny one of the Top SEOs in USA

Do you need the help of an SEO to turn your website into one of the top rankings for your industry? You may have been attempting to optimize your website for search engines by yourself, or with the help of an amateur, but you need to call in a professional who can help your web pages to reach the top spots, and to occupy those pages for long periods of time. If you are wondering how to get started on search engine optimization, or you have an old website that needs an SEO facelift, then you should trust the services of SEO expert Danny.

Making SEO changes after Google’s updates

The Penguin and Panda updates from Google have caused a stir in the world of online marketing, particularly for smaller businesses that have to rely upon SEO to boost their rankings. Firstly, on page SEO is now one of the most important elements of any site. Duplicate pages can be flagged as spam by Panda, and CMS pages are now generating a better ranking than either HTML or PHP, due to the new emphasis on mobile-friendly websites. All of this means that there are a lot of changes that websites have to make.

Generating natural links

Natural, or organic, links are those which are created when visitors to a site shares your web address on their own page, whether that is another website, social media or a profile. These other sites provide a ‘natural’ link back to your page. This gives your website more authority, increasing its rankings for the Google search engine. In order to create these links, it might be necessary to employ the services of an SEO expert who can help you to encourage others to link to your site.

No more keyword stuffing

In the recent past, business websites were full of keywords. The more keywords they included in their site, the more responses they got, increasing their rankings. This all changed with Google Penguin. That program is designed to treat excessive keywords (known as ‘stuffing’) as a kind of spam, actually lowering your rankings. In order to avoid over-use of keywords, and to ensure that your content is natural and as attractive as possible, SEO expert Danny can help you to create the perfect SEO. That is why he is one of the best in the business.