SEO Expert Danny in Finding the Right Content During this Pandemic

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The search for coronavirus is surging. Many health and wellness websites are experiencing an increase in their traffic because of the pandemic. However, if you are not in that niche, you may think that everything is over for your business. But it’s not. Many small businesses are still winning despite the coronavirus. If you want to win in this pandemic, make sure to give our SEO Expert Danny a call. 

SEO Expert Danny for the Right Content Marketing 

Content marketing is vital in today’s trying times because you can stay engaged with your customers. But content marketing is not just about publishing blog posts. Rather, it is considered by many successful websites as a holistic approach as it can still bring in results no matter what crisis we are in. If you rely on trade shows to market your products, it is time for you to use digital content marketing to ensure that you continue communicating with your customers. You may start a digital conference, for instance. SEO Expert Danny

Ongoing Relationship with Customers 

Content Marketing can help your business in developing an ongoing relationship with your customers. Your content, however, must not be overly promotional. Rather, it has to focus on providing value to your audience. With this form of digital marketing, you can be a storyteller. You can offer information about your products and services during this crisis. Remember that people are now staying at home. They want to be entertained and be informed. You can use content marketing to entertain, inspire, and educate your customers. As you continue to provide your audience with the right content, you develop an ongoing relationship with them, even if the pandemic ends. 

Remain in Touch 

Some businesses are giving up on their content marketing efforts. However, when they know how their marketing strategy will help keep them afloat, they shift their marketing budget and chose content marketing. If you are not sure how to start this strategy amidst coronavirus scare, you should contact our SEO expert, Danny Star. He can help you create content that can be a traffic magnet in this coronavirus pandemic. Although content marketing is crucial in this coronavirus time, you must still offer your audience the right content. That is, you must provide value to your audience and don’t just focus on building brand awareness and sales. You should communicate your brand and values more effectively or entertainingly. This is a new challenge for marketers. But you must continue your effort and invest in content marketing strategy, like email marketing, social media marketing, and many others. This strategy will keep your customers be aware that you are still in business and that you can still deliver your products and services. 

Show Customers That You are Willing to Help 

When you plan your content, you need to answer how you can help your customers. As you provide them with beneficial content, you can become a trusted advisor in your field. Thus, before you send out your content marketing campaign, make sure that it answers the question of how it can help your targeted customer. It must also give reasons for why they should listen to your brand. 

Should You Keep Quiet? 

Most brands right now halted their content marketing campaigns. Some of them delayed their campaigns or slash their budgets. The problem with this strategy is that people will soon forget about your brand. The best thing you can do is to work on your messaging. But your message must be sensitive and thoughtful. If you are not sure how to do it, please consult our SEO expert Danny Star. He and his team can enhance your brand image despite the ongoing crisis. 

Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing During this Crisis 

Audit Your Content 

When you audit your content, make sure that you delete those topics that are deemed insensitive. You should need to check everything. Through auditing, you may find some of your products that can be of high value during this crisis. For instance, if you are selling hobby products, you can boost them. Why? People are staying at home. Some of them are bored and they wish to start a new hobby. 

Let Them Know What You are Offering

You must tell your customers whether or not you are opening your physical shop. Now, if you are closed, make sure that you provide your customers with alternatives. Perhaps, you can start an eCommerce site so that your customers can make an online purchase. If you are accepting online orders, make sure that you put it in front of your home page. You should also highlight some restrictions on what your buyers can purchase. No matter what you are selling, you can migrate your business to the online platform. Although the items you can sell online will be limited, your sales will not be zero percent. Talk to our SEO expert Danny Star to know more about how you can begin your content marketing campaign during this coronavirus pandemic. Call us at (213) 322-0770.