SEO Expert Danny Explains a Penalty from Google

SEO Expert Danny

Google penalty is one of the things that SEO experts want to avoid. Here at SEO Expert Danny, we strive hard to ensure that our clients’ websites will be resistant to any penalty. The only way to achieve it is to follow Google’s strict policies and rules. 

SEO Expert Danny and Google Penalty 

If your site experiences a slow in traffic, you may think that Google has penalized your site. However, a slow in traffic may not always necessarily mean that your site has been hit by a Google penalty. The true penalty means that when Google’s human reviewer found your site to be violating its policies causing your site’s ranking to go down in the SERP. If you wish to avoid the manual Google penalty, you need to avoid participating in link schemes, cloaking, hidden texts, doorway pages, scraped content and several others. SEO Expert DannyTalk to our SEO Expert today to know more about the specific guidelines to avoid a penalty. As your site loses ranking, it is typically described as algorithmic devaluation. It means that it has been affected by a general algorithmic update. Many SEO experts dread manual action from Google. When Google slaps you, your site’s ranking will be affected and so does your traffic.The impact of the penalty may be different from one site to another. It varies depending on the severity of the issue. Your site may experience a small downturn in your overall ranking on some queries. But Google may also slap you with a penalty that causes your full site to be removed from the search results. The good thing is that you will know if Google has, indeed, penalized your site. It will notify you through Google Search Console. For that reason, you need to monitor your Console account for any notifications from Google. When a Google human reviewer determined that your pages do not comply with its webmaster quality guidelines, manual action is issued. With the manual action, you will know how to fix it. However, if the penalty is the result of an algorithm change, then you just have to review the changes and modify your site according to the changes discovered. Google offers information on how to fix the manual penalty. For instance, if Google penalizes your site because it has determined that you have a spammy free host, it offers a certain fix to it. When you get a manual penalty from Google, you must fix it ASAP. You may contact Google to reconsider its decision. However, often, you will not get a reply. Your site may still recover as long as you fix it and notify Google about it. However, it may take time to see positive changes on your site after getting penalized. In some cases, sites that have been manually penalized by Google did not fully recover. And this is what we avoid. When we optimize our clients’ websites, we ensure that they follow Google’s policies. If you wish our SEO Expert Danny team to review your site’s SEO strategies to prevent a manual penalty, give us a call today at +1 (213) 322-0770