SEO Expert Can Help Boost Search Traffic If Your Site Doesn’t Sell Essentials

Search Engine Optimization

Does the coronavirus impact search traffic? It depends on the industry. If you’re selling cars, you may see a dive in traffic because people now don’t want to shop for them. Rather, they are looking for essentials that can help in protecting them from COVID-19. That said, if you’re not selling essential items, your search traffic will suffer. Contact us today to consult with our SEO expert on how to respond accordingly. 

SEO Expert on How to Respond When Your Traffic is Down 

The demand for essentials is high right now. You might think about selling those essentials on your eCommerce site. But if you are not in the health and wellness industry, you can’t just easily do that. The best thing you can do is to create a page that highlights your best-selling product pages. Make sure that you optimize the page of each product to ensure that it is serving the engine bots properly. You should also ensure that these best-sellers are easy to find in your site navigation. SEO ExpertAnother way to attract traffic is to create a page that talks about coronavirus. For instance, if you’re selling cars, you can write a blog post on how to ensure that a car is properly disinfected. If you are in the legal industry, you can write things on how your law firm can help if you get laid off because of the coronavirus. You may also update your readers about your contribution to the community amidst coronavirus. Have you donated hand sanitizers to the nearest hospitals? Or you may offer a 50% discount on your products or offer an installment to help your customers pay for the items in their virtual cart. 

Should You Stop Your SEO Efforts During this Crisis? 

Indeed, the search traffic is all about the essentials and coronavirus. However, if you are not in the health industry, you may think that you must stop all your SEO efforts because they are no longer working. Before you do so, you should remember that what is happening now is just temporary. If you stop your SEO campaigns, you may lose ranking when everything will go back to normal. Your company can thrive in downtimes. If you wish to be the winner in this crisis, you need to invest in search engine marketing. Remember that people will still search for your products or services even if they are on self-quarantine. Keep in mind that people are spending more of their time online. They are going to search more about your business. If you place your brand in front of searchers, you are in front of them when they decide to buy. You may see that the overall sales of your products went downhill as the pandemic continues. However, if you continue your SEO effort, you are still putting your company in front of those individuals who still wish to buy your products or sign up for your services. 

Take Advantage of Scarcity 

When this pandemic is over, some goods will be hard to find. Indeed, toilet paper is hot right now. But when this is over, consumers will start searching for items they used to buy pre-coronavirus. However, some of these goods will not be available anymore. You may capitalize on scarcity. It is ideal that you start working on how to rank for those items. Our SEO expert team will help you build links around those goods that are hard to find. 

The World is Not Ending 

Despite what the mainstream media wants you to think, the Earth is not ending. As mentioned earlier, people still need products and services. They are still shopping online for some items. And search engine marketing is the best way to reach your consumers. These consumers are not just looking for information about your products. Rather, they are looking to buy your products because they can no longer go out and shop. 

Normalize Soon 

Everything is just temporary, even coronavirus. You may think that COVID-19 is here to stay a lot longer. But it will not. Although things will be different, the world will stabilize. And if you have not stopped implementing your SEO campaign, your ranking will remain or it will go up, while those organizations that halted their SEO efforts will suffer. You may not see your SEO results in a short amount of time. The overall effectiveness typically happens a few weeks or months. For now, your SEO results may not help you gather sales or customers. But once this pandemic is over, your business will reap results. And not just for a short period but over the years to come. The results could produce results if we face another crisis affecting our economy. Our SEO expert team is still here encouraging and boosting our clients’ businesses. We can help you market your products and services in downtimes. Get started today by calling us at (213) 322-0770.