SEO Expert Advice in 2015

seo expert advice

As 2014 comes to an end, there is much opinion about what to expect in 2015. However, the majority of these opinions are simply from SEO experts who are still playing in the common league, but what those experts in the major league saying? Several of these have given their option among them Google SEO experts and the CEOs of the top industry players.

For the majority of these experts, the only thing that will be contact for SEO in 2015 is change. But some argue that the change will be not as drastic as has been witnessed before. Moreover, this change will be caused primarily by Google. Some of the SEO experts’ advice in 2015 stipulates that;

Google will be making ranking harder to speculate. Over time, many SEO experts have correctly predicted the ranking signals used by Google. As a result, this has made it possible for many SEO experts to target only these ranking elements rather than having quality content. Experts argue that, Google will use more singles as one of the ways of ranking websites. With this high number of ranking attributes, it will be harder to correctly speculate all the ranking attributes therefore, SEO experts will have little option to following the rules given by google for quality and authentic content.

The other expert option is with regard to mobile devices being used for searches. It is predicted that in 2015, mobile devices will start driving the UI of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This effect has already been witnessed with the removal of author photos and the reduction of videos snippets, as well as changes made with Pigeon. According to Matt Cutts of Google, the volume of mobile searches will exceed desktop searches by the end of 2014 and Google is reacting appropriately. This expert opinion is a clear indication of the growing importance of mobile oriented SEO.

Experts also predict the continued rapid growth of voice searches and natural language. Sources from Google have indicated that the company is making significant investments in understanding semantics and context. As a result, search engine is being conversational oriented and the ability to adopt the various languages. Experts’ opinion is that, this will be a major game changer in 2015.


Based on statistics, Negative SEO is the major challenge to Google and continues to affect the quality of their business. Given this challenge, experts argue that 2015 will present a major opportunity for the company to deal with this challenge. Over the time, Google has made significant advances in dealing with this problem in terms of updates and in 2015, manual as well as algorithm based strategies to deal with negative SEO are expected to grow more significant and better. According to SEO pundits, the negative SEO battle is one that Google must win.

Other platforms like Facebook, which have presented some search capabilities, will continue to grow but experts predict that, Facebook will never be a direct threat to Google and it will be focused more on improving user experience than their search capabilities.