2021 SEO Stats by SEO Danny – Spoiler – Google is Winning

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In a sense, you can get along quite well without the efforts of SEO Danny or any form of SEO stats, but that is like planning to ride a ship without looking at the weather. Perhaps the broader stats will not affect you on a day-to-day basis but knowing what is happening on the Internet can only stand to benefit you and your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts. For starters, if you are working on your SEO, then aim to impress Google. There are only 4.4 billion Internet users, and 4 billion of them use Google.


“Where to Buy” Searches Are Still the Top Searches

The “Where to Buy” search is a broad term for any query where a person has a product or service in mind, and they are looking for a place to buy it. The fact that “Where to Buy” searches are ever more popular is yet further proof of what we all already knew, and that is that people are using the Internet more than ever to find where to buy things. In fact, since 2017, “Where to Buy” searches have gone up by 200%, which is no small number when you consider there were already millions upon millions of searches per day in 2017. If you are looking to push a service or product, focus your SEO on what people will see when they search for places to buy your product.As a side note, this article links to several resources. Some of those resources have true information and some have dubious information. For example, those that claim websites that hold user attention for longer are more likely to rank higher is not true. However, bot-tested analytics often point to these sorts of “Insights,” which is why the rumor is so common. In short, take everything on board, but don’t believe everything you read.


Around 40% of People Only Use Search Engines On Their Phone

This refers to the fact that analytics show how around 40% of people only use search engines on their phones and not on their other devices such as their desktop computers. This may sound odd, but it represents the number of people who do not have direct access to computers. This often includes children and people who do their research while they are at work or school. There is also a slight skewering because many analytics cannot track people between their phones and desktops. For example, what tracking software may term as the father using the family computer, it is actually everybody who simply uses his account when the computer is on. Nevertheless, if you are aiming for a younger audience, try gearing your SEO efforts towards Smartphones.


Loading and Rendering Times are Still a Big SEO Problem

Rendering is the time it takes your website to go from a blank screen to showing something. Loading is the time it takes your page elements to finish appearing on your web page. Your conversion rate drops by 7% for every second it takes for your web page to load. Similar tests show that if your website takes an extra 2 seconds longer, then your bounce rate increases by 103%.If you are looking to improve your SEO, then improving your loading and rendering speeds should be a big priority. The only problem is that there is only a certain amount you can do from your end. Many people who use shared hosting and other less-expensive website hosting services are at the mercy of their host. Keep your loading and rendering times as low as possible without damaging the user experience.


Does SEO Danny Help Companies Do Better Online?

In terms of top-quality SEO services, then the services offered by SEO Experts are above reproach. Though, to answer the broader question, you need an SEO service on your side these days. The online landscape is stuffed with competitors. Your only way to get noticed is to have a team of professionals working for you night and day. There is no room for a single contributor anymore. You need a team of experts on your side, and that is what you get with SEO Expert.