SEO Danny Offers Tips to Rank Your Blog in 2020

SEO Danny

Organic search is a vital method to generate traffic for your blog. To optimize it, however, you will need to perform some tweaks. Our SEO Danny team suggests the following tips: 

SEO Danny Recommends Having SEO-friendly Design 

It is important to have a website with the right architecture and high-quality content. But you must pay attention to the content above the fold. It must contain the most important information on your blog. Indeed, people can scroll. However, many will not scroll as they only spend time above the fold. SEO DannyOne of our clients asks if sliders can affect their blog’s ranking. Sliders are not that useful for SEO. They can be great for some blogs but not all sites. Talk to our SEO team to know how you can maximize the use of sliders on your site. For that user, having a slider is not a good user experience. In that case, if you wish to use it, the slider must contain the most important information on your site. A slider is great to feature your top products or top content. 

Keeping Links Under 100 

Google recommends that webmasters should limit the number of links on a page to 100. It is for user experience purposes. When you place more than 100 links on your page, Google may think that you are a spammer. However, you may include 100 links on a page as long as it is justified. But you must always consider the user experience. If it would affect the overall user experience, then you should not add more than 100 links. 

Divide Your Content 

You can provide your content with great SEO value by dividing your content. One way to do that is to categorize your content into novice and expert advice. Put a link to all that content on one page. This is a vital strategy that can boost the user experience. 

Limit the Number of Ads 

When designing your blog for SEO, you need to limit the amount of ads that show up on your blog. The more ads showing up, the slower the loading time is. Keep in mind that Google considers page speed as a ranking factor. If your page is too slow to load, then it will surely hurt your traffic. Furthermore, users dislike ads. If you wish to use ads, then make sure that you analyze your analytics to find out the top-performing ads. Then, remove the rest of the ads. 

Evaluate Your Site Speed 

As mentioned, Google abhors a site that does not load quickly. In that case, make sure that you evaluate your site speed. You may use Google’s Page Speed tool to help you evaluate your site’s speed. If your site’s speed is slow, make sure to fix it. Google provides suggestions on how to boost its speed. Make sure that you follow them. Or you may choose to hire our SEO Danny team to help you make some changes. Give us a call today to help us identify issues on your site or blog: +1 (213) 322-0770.