SEO Consultant on How COVID-19 Affects Website Traffic

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Danny Star, our SEO consultant, has provided updates to his clients regarding the effects of coronavirus on website traffic. The pandemic has boosted traffic to a lot of publishers’ sites. It also led to higher traffic to eCommerce sites. But it has also disrupted the supply chain. 

However, the increase in traffic is not present in all types of sites. Rather, it is greatly felt by essential eCommerce stores that offer toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and face masks, among others. 

Our clients in the health and wellness industry are also experiencing a surge in their traffic. If you’re using keyword phrases like home remedies, hand washing techniques, and prevention methods, then your website may see an increase in your website traffic significantly. 

But for travel sites, the trend is down. That’s probably because people don’t want to travel. They want to stay at home to protect themselves and their family. 

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SEO Consultant on Food Websites 

Many of our clients that offer food and recipes are experiencing an increase in their traffic. Most people now are searching for recipes to help them make Thai food and homemade pizza. Some want to know where they can order fast food online. But food courts and buffets are down. Coffee roasters and breweries searches are also dropping. 

Google Analytics Data 

When you look at your Analytics data, you will see either an increase or decrease of your site traffic for particular keywords. Be aware though that the data can be unbalanced. If you wish to better understand them and how to implement certain tactics to mitigate any issues, please talk to our SEO consultant today. Contact (213) 322-0770. There is nothing simple about what is going on. But the more you analyze your data, the more you can better utilize them in boosting your traffic despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis. 

Use Google Trends 

You should also explore Google Trends to find out what search trends are shifting. Why Google Trends data are vital? One of the reasons is that they show you what your potential customers are doing and what their current interests are. For instance, keywords related to boredom are now surging. They are trending in some parts of the world. It could indicate that these searchers are out of work or they are forced to work from home and they can’t socialize with their colleagues. If you wish to write content about boredom, consider how it relates to your entire business. For instance, if your company is about retrofitting, you may publish content on how to avoid boredom by checking on your house’s foundation. Since your clients are staying at home, they can have a lot of time looking into their house’s structure. On the other hand, if you’re teaching piano lessons, you may choose to use online piano lessons as your target keywords. People are transitioning from “near me” phrases to “online” + keyword. Choose to use Google Trends to better understand the current trends. It can give you insights so you can make sense of what’s happening now. 

Lower Your Paid Search Campaign 

It’s best that you reevaluate your campaign and budget. Since people are searching more about how to protect themselves against coronavirus, you might want to boost your paid search campaign if you’re selling essential products. If not, consider lowering your paid search campaign. Instead, you must focus on how to cater to online orders. You must tell your audience about the services that you can deliver virtually, like books. Talk to our SEO consultant to find out how to change your paid search campaign temporarily to reflect the ongoing crisis. In that way, you won’t be spending your money on a campaign that people will ignore because of coronavirus. 

Remind Your Customers Through Email 

Email marketing during coronavirus time is essential. You can tell your clients and customers that you can still deliver your products and services despite the crisis. But you must inform them on how to properly order your products online. You must reassure your customers about the precautionary measures you are taking to help them keep safe in the midst of the pandemic. However, you must avoid filling up space with empty promises and messages. Keep in mind that your recipients have received tons of emails about coronavirus updates. In that case, you must be precise with your message. You must only use clear language to highlight the most vital information of your email. It is also ideal that you provide the details about your online options. For instance, if you are teaching piano lessons, let them know that you are offering online piano lessons by downloading an app, through a conferencing tool, etc. However, if you are not offering any online alternatives or services for your business, then it might be time for you to start putting them in place. Contact our SEO consultant today to know how you can begin the process. Please dial (213) 322-0770.