SEO Consultant: Fighting Google’s Favoring Its Own Digital Properties

SEO Consultant

Google prefers its digital properties over search results. And it has become a challenge to several SEO experts. But our SEO consultant, Danny Star, can give you advice and recommendations on how to ease this problem, especially if your business depends on SEO. 

Half of Google searches now do not result in a single external click. Rather, the searchers do not leave Google’s ecosystem. The search engine has become a walled garden. 

It is expected considering that Google owns YouTube and Google Images. They are the biggest search platforms today. Even if you put Amazon in the mix, Google will still dominate the market. 

SEO Consultant on Featured Snippets

Featured snippets can boost search rankings, as long as they are mixed with other forms of SEO. They improve user experience, especially to individuals who like to search the web when finding answers. However, featured snippets have lower CTR, compared to non-featured snippet results. In that case, not all sites rewarded with a featured snippet are not getting a leg up on the competition. But you can leverage featured snippets by providing informative and up-to-date content on your site. You should also make sure that the content is provided in a Q&A format. It must also match the featured snippet format.Then, ensure that you provide a better solution to your competition that appears on the top 10 search results. You may also choose to provide an in-depth piece of content and structure it into the featured snippet format. Since the search landscape evolves frequently, we must think of the end-users on how two provide them with the best user experience. However, featured snippet has a dark side. It can disrupt the entire business model. Google’s attempts to answer its users’ queries without clicking a link are proven to be successful. Because of that, it increases zero-click reaches causing all sites owned by Google to receive all the benefits. SEO ConsultantFor many SEO experts, these attempts are scary to the point that Google is now encountering antitrust scrutiny. Google could put its content over the content created by your platform. However, the search engine could still provide you digital marketing opportunities as it provides users basic information about your company.In other words, Google is still exposing your name to an audience. But these shifts would still harm existing business models that are established around search. It is especially true with news or content marketing. 

How SEO Consultant Can Help 

In every change in Google’s algorithms, there is always an opportunity for SEOs to fight back. Every digital marketer knows that digital marketing is always evolving. You must be aware of those drawbacks everywhere you look. And this is where our SEO Expert Danny team can help you out. Our team is always on the lookout for news and information about Google’s algorithm. We make sure that your site will not be affected by the algorithm changes. Our company offers all-in-one SEO services that can give you more sales and happy customers. To contact our SEO consultant, Danny Star, please call us at (213) 322-0770 or (855) 605-7361.