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As the new year kicks off, do you find yourself trying to be more productive? Is one of your goals for the year to get more done? If so, you aren’t alone in that. The new year is a time of trying something new, of experimenting, of finding something that will work for you. Below are some of the tips/tricks/hacks/whatever you call them that I use to create content for our omnichannel digital marketing and SEO company in Los Angeles

These are just what I do. They may not work for you. They may very well go against the well-thought out and researched advice of professionals, those who study this kind of thing, etc. What I can tell you is that they work for me and it took me a long time to find them. One way to utilize them: even if they don’t work for you, hopefully, they spur you to think of something that does. 

Go a Little Over Half 

This is my favorite one. I use it every day. Each day at this job, I have a lot of work to do (to put it mildly). Between writing, editing, podcasting, etc, it’s a lot to keep it all straight. What I do is: I lay out all of the work I have to do at the beginning of the day. Then, I break it down into the work I have to do for each client that day. 

Before I take any kind of break, I do just over half of the work that I have to do for a certain client. If they have a long service page that’s 1200 words, I do at least 700. 

Should I have to write 12 blogs for a client that day, I make sure to do 7 before I take a break. This rule has served me well every day that I’ve worked for this company. That way, when I do take a break, the part that comes after isn’t as difficult. 

Indeed, I’ll have made it to the “downhill” side. This keeps me from “dogging it,” so to speak. This makes it so that I do the most work when I have the most energy. By keeping myself from taking a break until I’ve done more than half of the work (but not too much), then I can finish the next part refreshed. 

Also: it’s important for me to do just over half. If I go too far without taking any kind of break, I could tire myself out and then I feel like I have to take too long a break. That’s not good either. Speaking of: 

A Break That’s a Break 

When I give myself a break (of the 15 minute or less variety) I make sure that it’s actually a break. I don’t look at the phone, nor do I turn on the TV or anything like that. That just, in my experience, I’m using the same part of my brain as I was when I was working. 

So, I’ll come back to work not being refreshed, not having taken a real break, etc. Thus, I’ll run myself down, and I will suffer as well as my work. Not good. That’s not the point of a break. 

Give yourself a real break, even if it’s just a few minutes away. Yes, a moment where you don’t look at a screen can be good for you. Even the smallest break should be a real “break,” as in terms of “a real rest,” no matter how small. This is as much a part of “work/life balance” as it is getting a good night’s sleep, and so forth. 

Your Instincts Are Right 

Have you ever been working, doing a project, when all of a sudden something in the back of your mind says: “hey, this isn’t right. Something’s wrong”? 

I’ve found when that happens, there’s a reason for it. Something is wrong. Something does need to be rectified. That doesn’t mean that all is lost, you need to start over from scratch, or anything of that nature. Instead, it just means that something truly isn’t right and, more likely than not, it’s something small that can be corrected. 

To go at it from the perspective of writing, when I feel that, I read through what I’ve already written. Or, most often, I’ll go back to my prewriting process. I’ll look at my outline, my bullet points, what I had before I wrote. 

What I find, more likely than not, is in the writing of the content, I’ve learned something new between when I outlined and when I was writing. So, I have to make changes to my outline with this new information that can improve the rest of my work. 

Again, that may just be for writing, but you can see how this would work in your job as well. 

A SEO Company in Los Angeles That Can Help You to Be More Productive All Years Long 

What works for me may not work for you. But, it very well may. If nothing else, it could help you to find what can work best for you, to make you and yours more productive in 2024 and for a long time to come. 

One thing I can tell you will work: our SEO company in Los Angeles can help you to be more productive, to get more done. We can help you through the entire process, helping your company to grow. 

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