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Does it feel like you do everything that you possibly can to market your business online but you don’t quite have the results you like? Are you writing blogs, making videos, posting on social media, answering questions online, and more, but it still feels like you’re missing something? That “something” could be podcasting. Here at our omnichannel digital marketing and SEO agency, I do a strong majority of our podcasts. There are some things I wish I’d known when I started. 


Now, when I say “podcast” in this context, I mean, basically, “filmed interview.” I’ve done plenty of different kinds of podcasts (lots of people talking, walk-and-talk, etc.) But, me interviewing one of our clients, one of my colleagues/supervisors, or a professional outside of Website Depot makes up the majority of the podcasts I’ve done. 


These can do wonders for your branding, your SEO, and so much more. They can put a human face to your company, making it possible for you to connect to more folks quickly and easily. These are tips for if you’re “running” the podcast, but, they’re good if you’re going to be a guest on one, too. 


Ask Open Ended Questions (and Remember Why You Are) 


It may sound easy to always ask open-ended questions, but it’s not. If you feel that you’ve just asked a question that can be answered with “yes or no,” feel free to throw in an “expand upon that.” 


Why? Because if you’re interviewing someone on your podcast, they’re there because they have something to say. They have something to share. So, it’s your job to set them up in such a way that they’ll be able to share it quickly and easily. “Yes” and “no” isn’t doing that.  In a way, just using “yes” and “no” questions makes it tougher on other members of our SEO agency. 


What I tell people on my podcast (particularly those who are a bit nervous) is some version of: “Hey, I get that you’re nervous, but you’re here because you’re a real professional. You have plenty of insight and value to share. That’s all you have to do, talk about what you know, and you’ll be fine.” 


So, when you ask open-ended questions, you give them the opportunity to do exactly that. 


Now, if you’re a guest, consequently, your job, then, is to show your expertise. If the person questioning you gives you a “yes or no” answer, then just know to expand upon. Explain how you got to the answer that you did. 


You’ll show your expertise. You’ll demonstrate exactly why you’re a pro. Which, of course, is the entire point of all of this. 


Active Listening (How You Define It) 

Podcasting can, for lack of a better word, be awkward. One (or sometimes even both) people are in a location they are unfamiliar with, talking to (more or less) a stranger, all in the effort to showcase their knowledge. Sure, it can seem stilted and strange, but, if you’re on the podcast, it’s your job to keep that from being the case. 


How do you do this? Well, in lots of ways, but one of the most important is through engaging in active listening. Don’t “pretend” to be interested in what the other person has to say. Actually be interested in what they have to say. 


You’re talking to a professional about what they do! (Or, if you’re a guest, you get an opportunity to showcase what you’re best at!) That’s a great opportunity. By listening to the other person, by truly focusing on them and what they say, you won’t be bothered by any “awkwardness,” strangeness, or the like. 


The keywords in what I just wrote were “focusing on them.” If you focus on yourself, then you very well may be too self-aware. Then, it’s easy to get trapped in your thoughts, “in your head,” so to speak, and thinking about you and how you’re coming off instead of what you should be focusing on. 


But, if you focus on the other person, and put all of your attention on them and what they’re doing or saying, you give yourself the best opportunity to come off exactly how you want. 


One Last Question… 


This is maybe my most important podcasting tip. I always end every podcast I do with this same question (I forget which actual journalist I stole it from). I always ask: “is there anything you wanted to say that I didn’t bring up?” 


It’s like magic. 


The person always lights up and tells me something I had no idea about, something that matters to them. The rare times that this doesn’t result in a true gem it’s because they already were so good they said so much. 


If you’re a guest, you don’t have to wait to hear this question. If you reach what feels like the end of a podcast (and you’ll probably know when the person hosting is “landing the plane,” so to speak) feel free to jump in with something that’s important to you. 


In fact, you can even say, “Is that all you wanted to ask me?” Or, alternatively, some version of “Can I add something?” 


That way, you’ll always be able to get out everything you want. You’ll feel better if you jump in and add something that feels important versus just holding it in. 


An Omnichannel Digital Marketing and SEO Agency That Can Help 


Those are just some of the podcast tips that I’ve learned. There are many, many others (which I will probably share in these blogs). 


Of course, podcasting is just one of the ways that we can help your company to connect to more people. It’s part of our digital marketing services, which really are “omnichannel.” If there’s a way to find your potential customers online, the members of our SEO agency can do it. 


To see how we can help, schedule a free evaluation with us through our site or give us a call. Thanks!