SEO Agency Content Tips: Open Your Doors to Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

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Have you been trying to figure out how to better create content for last-minute holiday shoppers? Do you want to be able to get more business from those who need to do business before the hard deadlines of the holidays? With our modern, digital world, where so much commerce is done online, it may seem odd that so many wait till the last minute. Yet, all that convenience can make it easier to procrastinate. Our SEO agency has some tips for how to connect to those making those all-important last-second purchases. 


Provide The Solutions They Actually Need 


People are busy. Everyone, for lack of a better expression, “has a lot going on.” There are plenty of folks who may have thought about buying your products/services but haven’t gotten around to it, just as there are many who may have forgotten about you in the hubbub of their own lives. 


So, don’t feel like it’s “too late” to send a holiday email/post/etc. You may just jog someone’s memory about why they wanted to do business with you. 


By that same token, remember that many of the folks shopping now want to be able to go with someone they can trust. Last-minute shoppers typically want to know what the “last minute” really is. So, make sure that your hours of operation are up to date, as are your address, whether or not you do curbside pickup or something like that. 


Expedite Everything You Can 


Shipping. For many last-minute shoppers, that’s the greatest fear. They find the perfect gift for a loved one, only to find that it’ll arrive on 12/26 (or some other too-late date). Let your customers know if you’re offering expedited shipping or even free shipping. That’s a great way to bring in more customers at this time of year. 


But, always make the “cut off” dates for the holidays prominent, too. If someone buys something from you in hopes that it’ll get there by the holidays and it doesn’t get there at that time, they’re very unlikely to do business with you again. 


Make the Decision Easy 


Last-minute shoppers are often, for lack of a better word, “frazzled.” Many aren’t last-minute shoppers because they meant to wait until the last minute, but rather, they’re buying for someone who isn’t necessarily easy to shop for. So, make it easy to shop at your site. 


How? Through putting together a quick “holiday gift guide.” It doesn’t have to be an enormous, ornately curated catalog with all of your wares shot before holiday tableaus (although, if you can do that, that can help). Rather, if you can put all of your most popular gift items in one place, that can make it easier on last-minute shoppers. 


On the subject of gifts, remember, many last-minute shoppers may want to buy from you but not necessarily know all that much about your products, goods, services, etc. They just may know that the people they’re buying for know about you. So, gift certificates, gift cards, etc. That way, you’re making it easier for someone to turn to you for the gift that makes the holidays that much more special. 


Visual and Mobile 


Having a great, in-depth, detailed description of all of your products and services is a great idea, of course. But, when someone is buying something at the last minute, they may just be going off of pictures. Always, make sure that you have great pictures of what it is that you offer.


Beyond that, remember, most shoppers (last minute and otherwise) are buying through their phones. Having a breakdown in your mobile shopping process is just as bad as having the entrance to your store closed during business hours. You need to have your mobile ecommerce working, period, full stop.  


SEO Agency for Those Who Want to Grow Year Round 


Those are just a few of the ways that we help our clients to be able to better cater to those doing their last-minute holiday shopping. That said, there’s plenty of shopping after the holidays, too. We help folks throughout every day of the year to be able to grow their businesses. To see how we can help yours, schedule a free consultation with us today.