SEO Agency Content Tips for Getting Things Done When Out of the Office

seo agency in Los Angeles content tips for getting things done when on the go
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Are you traveling during the summer but still have work to do? Do you want to get things done even when you’re outside of the office? The modern workstation isn’t just in the office, it’s everywhere. As someone who works both in an office and remotely, I know how important it is to be able to work from anywhere and at any time. I have to create content for our omnichannel SEO agency in Los Angeles from the airport, from a car, from a client’s place of business, and anywhere else. These are some of the tips that work for me that you can incorporate into how you work. 


Prepare for the Bare Minimum 


In an optimal world, every airport you step into has several tables with plugs connected for you to use your laptop, each rideshare has a USB port, and so forth. However, that’s not the world we live (or work) in. So, if you’re going to work on the go, you’re going to need to be able to adapt. 


I’ve gotten quite good at writing while sitting on the floor, at an odd angle, hunched up, or in several other body poses to make sure that I’m near a plug. My old laptop needs it. I’ve been doing this long enough that I channel it into my work, drawing upon what could be a distraction or a concern to be able to provide solutions and value to my readers and viewers. 


So, before you try this, make sure you know exactly what the bare minimum you can effectively work with is. You’ll note I said “effectively work.” That means you can perform your duties at your highest ability. Simply “pushing things around a computer screen” is not good enough. You aren’t doing anyone (yourself, your company, your clients/customers/etc.) any favors with that level of performance. 


For me, that’s a laptop, noise-canceling headphones, and my laptop rest that I put over my legs. So long as I’m within distance of a plug, I can work anywhere. 


Be Able to Adjust (and to Focus) 


In the end, working from anywhere isn’t just about the technical aspects. It’s about what you can do, too. Can you work while people are walking by? Can you get tasks done, on deadline and at your absolute best, while life is happening around you? It’s not for everyone. People who are great at their jobs might not be able to do this. 


If you aren’t sure (or if it’s been a minute), there’s a good way to test this. Before you try it “for real” (i.e., on the clock/on deadline for your job) go to a local coffee shop, restaurant, bar, some public place, and try to do a little bit of work. Maybe it’s “off the clock,” “after hours,” etc. Perhaps it’s even something simple and small: putting together the work you’re going to do tomorrow in the office, for example. 


If you’re able to do that, then you very well could be able to do your job from practically anywhere. That also leads me to my next point: 


Prepare Before Being on the Go 


Here in the year 2024, you know to plan out tomorrow’s work the night before. That’s crucial for just about any job. It’s especially crucial if you’re going to be working in a new place. When I know I’m going to be working while I’m traveling, I plan even more. The last thing I want is to be in a position where I’m traveling and not sure what to work on next. 


Because, it’s in those moments, those indecisive ones, where it can be a bit more challenging to focus to the level this work requires. As such, I don’t let it happen. Planning your work out ahead of time is important for any business. When you’re going to be on the go, it’s all that much more crucial. 


My tip here: plan out a bit more than you might need. If you’re like me, you have more tasks in a given day than you could ever possibly get done. That’s a blessing – it means there’s work. As such, I plan out more than I could get done when I get on the road. That way, there’s always something that needs my attention. 


A Phone Ready to Go 


Of course, the entire time that everything above is happening, I have my phone with me. That’s for multiple reasons. I’m easy to get in touch with, for both colleagues and family, yes. Plus, if the wifi goes down in the airport/coffee shop/UBER, I can make my phone a wifi “hotspot” and use it to get things done. 


Plus on top of all of that, I can use my phone to take pictures, record voice memos when something comes to me, and more. I work on the laptop. But, my phone is my co-worker when I’m traveling. 


More Than Content From Our Omnichannel SEO Agency in Los Angeles 


These are some of the ways that you can be more productive no matter where it is that you might be. That said, I’m just one worker at this company. We do a lot more than just make content. We’re an entire agency. That means we have SEO experts, web designers, web developers, social media experts, and so many others. 


To see how we can help your business to grow, you can reach us through this site or by calling.