SEO in 2015

SEO Expert

As a SEO expert, what should you be adopting for the year 2015? Based history from the past decade or so and changes in the field especially from Google, SEO has been a dynamic aspect changing year after year. The changes bring about new strategies. As 2014 winds up and a New Year sets in, what should you be looking forward to? This is an important question as a SEO expert and professional if you are seeking to remain relevant and competitive.

The trends used in SEO are mainly determined by consumer aspects and Google guidelines. While consumer trends determine the target and the method to be adopted, Google streamlines these strategies to ensure there is no abuse and that the method is not entirely for customer attraction. Being the industry standard, Google has effectively managed to outline the various guidelines through their periodic Google updates and panda updates.

That said, what is there to expect in 2015?

First, it is expected that social media will continue to grow its relevancy in SEO. All through 2014, social signal have been a major part of SEO. This can be seen through the growing use of the various social media platforms among them Facebook, Twitter, PinInterest, and Instagram being the most popular. Social media will be relevant in terms of social mention, likings, and followers.

Second, SEO in 2015 is expected to be content-is-king oriented. Over the time and through 2014, Google has always tried to emphasize through their updates that the objective of SEO should not be simply to attract visitors, but to provide users with quality and authentic content which then serves to attract customers. Since this has been their principle of operation, it is expected to continue in 2015. Therefore, the quality of content is expected to be superior. The quality of content is determined by Google through the number of page visits and the lengths of time spend on the page per visitors. More visitors and long period on the page means the content is relevant and quality, but more visitors and short period might mean simply high ranking. While the former lasts for long, the later is short lived in terms of ranking. Other signs of quality content are social signals among them shares, followers, likes, and comments.

Third, the value of local optimization is expected to grow. Local optimization is a segment of SEO that targets a given and specific geographical area. This is common for businesses that service oriented where the customer has to get the service in person and businesses that target customers from a given areas for example restaurants, lodges, etc as well as businesses that are available in a given area, for example, tourism spots in Egypt, nature tourism in Kenya, etc. these type of SEO has continued to grow in particular with Google ranking. Local optimization is more credible than general SEO because it is more tangible and has the potential of having more realistic customers.

These are projected to form three of the most powerful SEO in 2015.