SEJ Summit in 2016 – What to Look Forward to?

SEJ Summit 2016

Our award-winning search engine marketing consultant Danny Star is one of the attendees of this year’s SEJ Summit. The Search Engine Journal sponsors this summit, which is considered as a highly anticipated gathering of digital marketers across the US.

The SEJ Summit in 2016 is a boutique marketing for big brand marketers. Unfortunately, it’s an invite-only conference. The meeting takes place in various areas in the US.

This year’s theme is “A Day of Keynotes.” It’ll be an intimate day of learning and networking with other digital marketers who are renowned experts in online and digital marketing initiatives for SEOs.

The session will start with Google’s Gary Illyes as he tackles about the future of Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is an essential part of every mobile site as it aims to assist publishers in providing their users a site that loads quickly. The importance of AMP can’t be underestimated as it’s an essential way for you to optimize the experience of your users who are mobile browsing.

AMP isn’t just for publishing sites, but it’s for every website owner who produces the best content for their readers.
SEJ Summit

Tuning Up SEO

SEO is still an essential part of today’s digital marketing. And this year’s summit will also cover the importance of optimizing your technical SEO and speed. Then, the speaker will discuss the things that you can do to build a lean SEO machine.

Content Production

Content planning must take place before you even write your post. You’ll need to have an established goal of your content. When building content strategy, you have to refer it to a brand content pyramid and the speakers of this year’s SEJ Summit would talk about that.

Content shouldn’t be considered as a simple text. Rather, content is everything that offers value to your readers. Content isn’t just a text, but it can be podcasts, eBooks, infographics, and social media posts, among others. If you have a variety of content in various forms, your site would have a better chance of ranking higher.

Every session of the conference is an opportunity for the attendees to understand better SEO and implement it into other departments of the site. Speakers will also discuss how to integrate SEO for companies to offer a definite positive shift.

For the industry experts, exceeding customer expectations is a must when it comes to content strategy. As you work together with your team, you can have a killer recipe that can lead your site to success.