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Google remains the search king. In the last quarter of 2018, it received 96% of organic search visits. This is why you need to boost your search engine optimization efforts. The organic search marketing services of SEO Expert Danny can assist your business.

To obtain new leads, your company or brand has to land on top of the local search results. As you work with an SEO expert and prioritize organic search marketing, you can expect a high return on investment. We will manage your organic search marketing per month in order to give you long-term outcomes.

Why Opt for Organic Search Marketing?

Organic search beats paid search when it comes to delivering relevant traffic. It is true that search ads perform better in conversions. However, when it comes to overall traffic delivery, organic still wins.

Additionally, you have control. When you use Facebook marketing, the site will send you millions of visits. It seems like a dream come true for marketers.

However, Facebook marketing requires that you work within a walled garden. It means that you cannot control how it works. Keep in mind that Facebook, along with Twitter and Pinterest, can easily choose not to show you insights of your visitors.

If you cannot control the environment that is giving you revenue, you may end up paying a massive ad bill just to receive traffic. It is true that Google implements this kind of strategy. That is, your site can get hit with an algorithm change, which could destroy your traffic.

Then again, if you work with an SEO professional, like Danny Star and his team at SEO Expert Danny, it won’t happen to you. That is, Google’s major updates to its algorithm will not significantly affect your site.

The issues you encounter with Google and other search engines can be easily fixed. Once it is done, your traffic will return.

Compared to social media, the traffic it generates is not long-term. Furthermore, the visits from social media entail high bounce rates while the number of pages visits are low. The reason for this is that paid ads are intended to give users a basis to visit your site. However, they aren’t expected to give your visitors a cause to return.

search engine optimization

What is the Organic Search Engine Optimization of SEO Expert Danny?

It is a process that drives traffic to your site without advertisement. Our team will make sure that Google and other search engines can find your content by making your pages authoritative and relevant to your users’ intent.

We will optimize your site for related keywords and set it up in a way that search engines will rank it highly. Creating relevant web pages is not an easy task. Hence, it is vital that you work with an SEO expert. When you have an SEO consultant working with you, you will see and experience long-term results.

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