Search Engine Optimization to Provide Content Targeting Search Queries

search engine optimization

Proper search engine optimization includes creating content that can target user search queries. To understand user search queries, you must know the user’s intent first. 

Search queries and keywords are the foundation of search marketing and organic SEO in today’s search engine optimization. 

When you develop content that targets user search queries, you are providing the exact content that the user is looking for at that moment. 

search engine optimization

Keyword Research

To create such content, you need information on what users are searching. For that reason, it is vital that you start your optimization strategy through keyword research. Researching for the right keywords requires that you know what your potential clients or visitors are looking for and how many of them are searching for them. It is also vital that you know how competitive such a keyword is. Once you have picked the right keywords for use search intent, you need to create an appropriate landing page. This page will satisfy that intent for queries that you target. However, it is vital that the keywords you pick align with your business goals. That is, if you are trying to sell a product, you must not use informational keywords. Rather, you must add transactional keywords. 


Completing a Goal 

For eCommerce websites, the keywords must be for transactional search queries. It is a type of query that aims to complete a goal or engage in a certain activity on the web. It could be about making a purchase, downloading a digital product or signing up to a newsletter. When creating transaction search queries, you may include the product name or brand. It could also be generic. You may also add terms such as purchase, order or buy. Users who are using transactional search queries are ready to purchase. They have already their credit card in hand. When you hit such query, users are likely to convert into paying customers. Thus, it is vital that your content speaks directly to your potential customers. 


Make Your Site Crawlable 

No matter how thorough your keyword research is, it will still not give you a good ROI if search engines cannot crawl your site. It is one of the biggest hurdles in SEO. To prevent those issues, you must ensure that your Robots txt file does not block those essential pages on your page. Your site must also provide text that can be read by a machine. In other words, your search engine optimization must not only include content that targets user search queries, but it must also ensure that the search engines can discover and crawl those important pages on your website. Your on-page content must be readable as well. 


SEO Expert Danny Offers Technical SEO Audits 

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