Search Engine Optimization Services: How to Use Google Search Console

Search Engine Optimization Services

Our search engine optimization services here at SEO Expert Danny include the use of Google Search Console. This tool is vital for any search engine optimization efforts. 

Google Search Console is a perfect tool to help boost your SEO strategies. You can use it for pretty much everything. 

What to Learn About Google Search Console for Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign 

Search Appearance 

Here at SEO Expert Danny, we utilize the Search Appearance section a lot. It gives us the secrets to getting structured data working. We also know whether or not the AMP pages are active through this tab. Search Engine Optimization Services

What is Structured Data 

Website owners understand the many difficulties of implementing structured data. For Google Search Console to help you out, you need to add the code to your site. Then, go to Search Console and navigate to Structured Data. There, you can find errors.Structured data is not a ranking factor. You will not lose your ranking juices if you do not fix the errors. However, since you need to boost your user experience, you should consider fixing those errors. Fixing them requires analyzing every error. 

The Rich Cards 

The report shows the number of Rich Cards being indexed. It also presents any critical errors in your site. Creating Rich Cards in Google Search Console requires the use of schema data to show content more engagingly. It monitors rich snippets, AMP and schema. After creating Rich Cards, you can utilize the report to find out what cards are indexed and know if there are errors. 

Data Highlighter 

It is one of our favorite tools in GSC. You could write structured data right in the tool. There is no need for you to hire a web developer to add it to your site. If your site includes book reviews or products, you must use the data highlighter. 

HTML Improvements 

To improve your CTR from organic search, you must consider evaluating the HTML Improvement report. Here, you will find ways to improve your meta descriptions. It displays if there are errors to your metadata. These errors would include descriptions or duplicate titles. This report will give you a glimpse of how Google views your content. Fixing the reported issues requires reviewing every page list. It will help you confirm whether or not you have unique descriptions. You may find in this report that the same page is being indexed twice. It can be caused by a parameter URL issue. You may also discover some pages without pagination. You may also have a long or short meta. Review every page listed. Then, make sure to reduce the length. If you did not add a meta title or description, simply go back to your content add it. For any changes you make to your site, make sure to click the Fetch as Google to make sure that Google acknowledges those changes. There are many other ways to improve your website. And if you wish to boost your search engine optimization campaign, consult your SEO experts today. They can tell you the other reports that you need to consider in the Google Search Console. Call us at +1 (213) 322-0770.