Search Engine Optimization Secrets by SEO Expert

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a broad topic. A SEO Expert has different approaches and the strategy used will depend on the results/outcomes you wish for your website.

Having an online presence is not enough to grow clients. By knowing the SEO secrets, your company’s website will have more indexed pages to increase the chances of your potential clients coming across your site.

At Website Depot, we are committed to helping your company be listed higher and assisting you in converting incoming traffic into sales/leads.


Here are some SEO Secrets from a SEO Expert:

1. Research for the right keywords

Think of them as your sales pitch. The only difference is that it is done in a few words.

Keywords must be specific. But do not try optimizing your site using a single word. It must be a string of words to describe accurately about your company’s mission and vision.

At Website Depot, our team will search and identify the most beneficial keywords that clearly define your business.

2. Make great content

Your keywords must define clearly what your website/company is all about. To make your SEO strategies to work, your site’s content must be awesome.

The content can be your homepage, videos, podcasts and blog posts. The best content must be compelling, accurate, detailed and entertaining.

Never use keyword cramming strategy as it will only result in a penalty.

3. Make your site search engine friendly

The “bots” of search engine can index text and follow links. But it does not easily index non-text content. Thus, Flash animations will stop a search engine bot in tracking your website.

In other words, if your website contains various non-text materials, you are only making your website difficult to be indexed by search engines. If that happens, your potential clients will not find your website each time they perform queries.

4. Obtain backlinks

Start obtaining backlinks. There are various ways to accelerate this process. However, not all methods are effective.

When obtaining links, they must be authentic. This means that they are earned through connections with other sites. In other words, paying for links or placing your website links on directories no longer works.

Link building cannot be done in one weekend or one week. It takes several months to see results.

5. Use the social networking websites

SEO experts recognized the value of social media as it affects websites’ Google rankings. Thus, your company must have a presence or an account on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social networking sites to obtain social signals.

These signals can be a retweet, a like or a +1. Google also includes Google Authorship credentials in ranking your website.

To win the game of SEO, you must constantly update your system as Google constantly updates its own system in indexing websites. But SEO is a tedious task that should leave it to the SEO expert. Thus, it is crucial to work with a company that can make sure that your website is ranked highly.

Website Depot follows the best practices as recommended by Google to build long-term results. To discuss our SEO program specifically designed for your website, please give us a call.