Search Engine Optimization: Recent Google Update Fix

Search Engine Optimization

Google released its algorithm update recently. And an array of websites reported a huge drop in their traffic. If you have been affected by the update, make sure to redo your search engine optimization and evaluate your efforts. 

Re-evaluating your SEO campaign must be a priority, especially if your business relies on organic traffic. Although the algorithm change in November 2019 was just a routine update, it affected several websites. 

Get Help from Search Engine Optimization Experts 

Despite it being routine, if your site has seen a dramatic drop in traffic, it simply means that it was not a routine update. Content marketers also reported a huge hit in their traffic as the strategies they have implemented, suddenly, did not work. Even if Google did not state what change it has made, you can perform things to ensure that your content will continue to attract visitors. Search Engine Optimization

Continue Implementing Good SEO Practices

Google cares about its users. And if you are publishing relevant content for them, then there is nothing to worry about. You should also follow what Google has stated before. That is, improve your site speed. Google considers page loading time as a ranking factor. And you must focus on it. You must do everything to give your audience the best experience when they visit your site. Even if top-rankings sites are slow, you must continue your effort to ensure that your page loading time is fast. 

Relevance is the Key 

Google introduced BERT last month. It is a technology to get a better understanding of the natural language, rather than focusing on particular keywords. If your site overuses keywords, then your ranking will surely get affected. As Google uses BERT more and more, its search engine might be less reliant on keywords as it could discern user intent. In that case, as you create your content, you must create relevant content for your users or audience. Thus, if you include keywords in ways that are not natural, then Google might flag it. To avoid it, you must always write naturally and insert the keywords naturally. 

Do Not Focus Too Much on Google

It is true that most users are opting for Google as a search engine. However, there are other search engines available that do not have a complicated algorithm. You can use them as your source of traffic. Perhaps, Google is not the best channel to obtain search traffic. You might want to use other channels to help you reach the right audience. As long as you take a holistic approach in your SEO, you can attract visitors to your site from other search engines. And one of those ways is to create relevant content. It must be content that will be shared across various social networks. The latest Google update is another indication that SEO is evolving. Thus, your SEO campaign must also change based on the updates. However, if search engine optimization is time-consuming for you, contact us today so we can help you reach your goals. Dial (855) 605-7361 to get in touch with our SEO experts.